Sunday, December 03, 2006

There is Never Time

If film is a series of photographs then how does film making work differently than what we see?

If we have the technology to adjust the clairity of a photogragh why are we so limited in improving our own vision?

Film can be slowed down but whenever someones life acts in slower motion than typical speed, our reponses to our environment are scrutitized and evaluated by a standard that seems too confining.

If psychiatrist are artist rather than scientists maybe more of them should take up mosaics or watercolors and quit trying to dominate and devalue human experiances that they dont understand.

When youre wearing short pants on a hot day, there seems to be something about a metal sliding board that leaves one wanting to spend time on the swings....and eventually youre mind begins to wonder.... if you go high enough.... can you make it all the way around or will you reach the point where your momentum slows down and you pause.... and gravity decides your fate.

Some clocks tick all day everyday and never jerk. Since winding a clock is so much more dependable, Im wondering if the people who chose batteries for clocks were trying to stimulate the economy or redefine the laws of physics. Either way if physicians could no longer evaluate time in coordination with insurance companies, they may be able to evaluate other things better.

Traffic lights cant manipulate the decisions of drivers any more than a hypnotist can manipulate someones state of conciousness. One driver is always going to see a yellow light as a signal to speed up, just like there will always be
nonconformists than would rather swing on vines than make baskets out of them.

Why did the witch in the Wizzard of Oz have to melt. Would pouring ice water over her have caused her to break like glass?

The sun will shine and the moon will glow....What happened to Pluto is what I want to know. I liked Pluto.

Any nation thats has so much trouble getting 52 states to unite on anything should quit trying to define states of consciousness or at least citizens should be allowed to vote on such things.

There is no value in a formal education if the attainment of it is a means by which someone can evaluate and degrade an informal school of thought like it was nothing more than a school of fish who lacked the sophistication of self awareness. Such posturing lacks class.

Debating can promote ignorance if defining issues that are important is nothing more than a way of claimimg that views that cant be elequently verbalized are random thoughts that can only exist amongst less evolved lifeforms.

Years occur in the minds eye that that never splinter into conciousness that can be defined by 365 days. You cant buy or sell a minute until you arrogently claim you owned it in the first place.

Expressions of thought cant liberate anyone until the purity of human compassion is seen as more important than the clairity of any mechanical brain.


At 6:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of mine are deeply miffed about Pluto - they want to debate with the rule changer. Best wishes

At 9:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My boy Duncan likes Pluto best; when he's pretending to go off in his rocket (the cupboard under the stairs) it's always Pluto he's going to.

At 10:28 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Im miffed about Pluto too. The rule changers never consulted me. One might hope that universal decisions like that would be made by more people.
Im so glad to hear that about Duncan. He is going places in his rocket that some rule changers just dont know how to appreciate.

At 10:41 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Also Sharon,
My wife just showed me a photo book of the archetecture in Barcelona of a man named Gaudi. Its really spectacular!

At 5:45 PM , Blogger Ed said...

Of course Disneys Pluto, friend of Mickey and Donald is still around. Ive been hoping some new roles will open up for some of those classic animated Disney chairacters.


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