Friday, November 24, 2006

Location, Location, Location

What is the secret to success fo the Third Street Diner? Location, Location, Location. Of course this is realitive to the success of the other more favored diners in town. The First Street Diner being the most popular and the Second St. Diner ranking at #2.

Its important in life to recognise where you are, what your goals are, and what you are willing to do to achieve them. I am guilty of not considering some of these things lately. First of all I found out that there is a movement that is advocating for the rights of autistics. I thought that it had important ideals. I still do.

However, going on other peoples pages and presenting myself as a debater was not right. Nor was I being considerate of others in presenting myself that way. Its not that I think my opinions are better than others but in the arena of debate thats all they are. Within such an environment I will be just as guilty as anyone of intellectualizing my veiw and working to try to make it seem more valid. Those who do choose such environments are providing a vital and necessary function. Also while it may be difficult to listen and be willing to change your veiw within these environments there are some that do just that. Thats not an easy thing to do and I applaud there efforts. Whether they always accomplish such high ideals or even if they only accomplish such things occasionally.

Again it comes down to the individual, how they see where they are and what they want to accomplish. Many believe that being a part of any society or society as a whole means to be willing to be groomed by society and take your place within the pecking order of how a society operates....grooming and being groomed according to your place.

There is no room for extremism of fundamentalism within a truly educational environment.

No good teacher is going to describe there veiws to a class and demand that there be no dicussion about their veiws. Also no body expects a teacher to let a student give their veiw and then not allow others to refute what they have said. Thats not an environment for learning at all.

Actually maybe I shouldnt be writing. I mean only educated people read anyway.... right? And as I said educated people are going to always challange each other to a debate.

This decision of mine may be my right but it will certainly isolate me in ways that I wish it didnt. But, as I said, we all make choices. We cant have our cake and eat it too. Actually, I guess the attempt to have both excludes us from either.

I dont think that everyone who is sheltered and excluded does that to others. Instead I believe that the struggle to compete and the struggle to dominate is too much a part of all human culture. But I dont think that its a two way street or that people should be dicarded by society are described as worthless and rejected because they dont feel competive.

These people may seem like the monority now. It may even seem that personal responsibility is the answer to the problem. However, such methods that encorage blind compliance that are described as inclusion are ultimatly exclusive. It is a fight and somebody has got to do the fighting.... and be willing to be called whatever.... If that means not shuting up or not listening to others then I guess Ill have to take whatever my choices create.

Most people who are rejected by society wont tell you their opinion. Many dont have one....They may think that if what they think is ever validated, once it takes its place amongst the more educated veiw, they as people will be devalued right along with their opinion. Too often they are right. Thats exactly what happens.

These people may not listen to what you have to say. They may not read and they may not comment. There voice and there plight needs to be heard just the same. The standards need to change to include them for that to happen. The fight already exist. Fighting back is vital to everyones future.

My future may be uncertain but many of my goals arent. Im willing to accept where that takes me. Maybe I have other choices. I know plenty of people are thought of as having choices that dont *really* have them. Its just that seeing them as though they do is convienient. Lots of things in my life would be more convienient if I made other choices. Its just that there are certain luxuries about things that are more conveinient that Ive decided I cant afford. Thats where I am.


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