Friday, November 17, 2006

Different is as Different Does

Difference always does. It moves along a pattern that is not always understood. Even the designers of a plan dont know exactly what the end result will be. However, all movement produces something and all life moves. It moves at different rates and in different ways. Sometimes the movement isnt worth our attention. We all have to make our own decisions about where we choose to focus but its important to remember that the movement that we may not understand may indeed have a more profound effect on our environment than is noticed by our first glance.

Sound is defined by the type of frequencies that vibrate our ear drums. However, the five senses humans are described as having dont even begin to describe the vast awareness that is at our disposal. Read the work of Henry David Thoreu and discover how someone might profounly describe their observations of nature. What inspired him in how he observed things has inspired so many to listen in ways they may have never thought of.

Human nature and how its defined, is sometimes so limiting. Sometimes its so frusterating to understand so much that you cant put into words. But oh how liberating it can be to ways that typical listening somehow hasnt provided.... when the light bulb comes on....the skies open up and the birds begin to sing....and you just know. I mean you know that you know that you know that you know....and then you know that the more you know only opens the door to the infinite possibilities, and so the the cycle begins again.

Sometimes I wonder if physical laws could adapt to our understanding so that we could hear a tree would that change our perceptions of sound? How would that change how we see trees? Many of us pass by trees everyday and never contemplate their existance. We arent concious of their growth. We just take for granted that they do indeed grow.

Then sometimes we try to grow something. Have you ever thought how silly that sounds? *WE* grow things. People never grow anything. We can encourage growth based on what we perceive is the best path that growth should occur, but we cant make something grow.

People are like that too. We can encourage the growth in the ways that we feel that it should occur but there are always too many variables to consider to be sure in what direction a person will grow or at what speed it will occur....what choices are appropriate....what goals they seem to have....Sometimes it may even seem that they dont have goals....but we can never be sure....and we can never truly evaluate all the variables we need to to determine the worth of a persons expression and what effect it will have in the grand scheme of things....Sometimes I think we make these judgements too quickly and there is a price for our rush to judgement....Sometimes we need to just listen and resist our impulse to judge too quickly or too harshly.

We may be completly surprised as to what paths will occur that we werent expecting. We may feel that a path that someone chooses is moving too slow or is going in a direction that isnt best....We may be right and we cant put off all judgements or we will cease to exist.

Im not preaching here. Preaching never helped me do anything. All Im saying is that sometimes our judgement needs to be open to more possibilities. I know mine does.

We are too often drawn to what we see as the strongest, the fastest, and the best. However, there are so many subtlties that occur in our presence everyday that would profit from our attention and our encouragement. Sometimes its just about acknowledging that what we see in people has worth and validity. Sometimes just the acceptance of the diverse expressions that people make and the validity of where that might go and how fast they might get there may just remind us of where they are. Maybe sometimes thats enough.


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