Thursday, November 16, 2006


Whats the point in labeling a person? Society cant cure anything unless they start with their (our) ignorance. By ignorance I am refering to how people ignore.

So often people claim to be descibing what they see as weak in order to strengthen the majority. Has that ever worked? Actually, I think that the claim itself is a way to dodge what people are really thinking and what their real objective is for putting someone down. The real reason is that it makes them look better. Actually it really doesnt do that but because its so common and so rarely acknowleged for what it really is, its destructive force is more damaging than what are considered "natural disasters" like storms and the like.

There are so many ways that people put people down that most of them are just accepted as part of the if to try to do otherwise is the result of people being overly sensitive. Will we ever learn? Is the ozone just overly sensitive. If it is, we might as well just ignore our enviromental neglegence and keep our eyes on the prize. Our economy cant ultimately afford neglegence and ignorance! When will we learn?

Blogging often leaves me stuck....If I told my whole story it would make a difference but Im not so sure I should. How much of it to tell is a daily question. I make assumptions. Everyone does. All I feel I can really do is pay attention to my attitude toward others. I mean I cant judge someone else and say that if I were them I would make different choices. There are too many varibles to consider. The best anyone can do is make the assuptions that we all have to make in ways that we feel will be the most respectful and hope that if we mess up, that they give us another chance. Thats the best I feel I can do.

When a person accepts a label, I think that what is most important is that the way you indentify yourself or let others identify you, doesnt come at someone elses expense. Thats not always easy but I also think that the opposite is just too conveinient. I think that it cost everyone too much. It puts a burden of the person whos putting the other person down. It cost the person being put down. But ultimately it creates a great burden on everyone and all of society suffers as a result.

One of my beliefs that Ive never been able to explain is this: Ive never met a lazy person. Before you discount what Im saying, let me try again to explain.

I have a great deal of difficulty finding a task, developing steps to complete it, and finally staying focused on that task when it isnt clear what the steps are. However, once those things are in order, I take to work like a fish takes to water. I love it. I mean Im happier than anyone in the world. The task actually takes on a devine nature. All that I am is in cordination with what is beyond the confines of my ability. The joy this brings goes beyond any kind of pride or even accomplishment. It doesnt make me insignificant. It makes me completly significant. It makes everyone and everything completly significant. This experiance is such a profound statement ,that for me, it is all too rare.

I have of course been called lazy. Ive never been called lazy by anyone who has known me very long or anyone who has ever watched me work. I LOVE to work and I rarely get the chance. The question though, goes beyond me. My understanding and true respect for work creates such a joy for me that I cannot, and will not, ever accept that anyone is lazy. The reward of just being at one with a task and a part of its completion has convinced me that no one who had ever experianced it would choose anything else.

I wish I could tell more of my story. But I know that I know that I know, what Im talking about.

There is no shame that a person should ever feel because they do not work. Such shame that a person feels based on how others see them because of what they are seen to do or not do, is instead what society should bare and no individual deserves to feel this imposed guilt. It is all too conveinient. I wish that I knew what words could better express this.

Yes, people have the right to feel good about their accomplishments. But when people feel good at someone elses expense, everyone pays. Work is a right and a priviledge and all efforts and all expressions have worth.

I have developed this belief over many years and too often much heartache. If you could go to some of the places Ive been....stare into some eyeballs of some of societies rejects and tell me that they are lazy....knowing otherwise is a gift that I will always treasure and never forget.


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