Monday, November 13, 2006

Party Line

When I was a kid, we had a telephone system called a party line. Actually, where we lived was so rural that even the fire department was on that line. That means that if you wanted to make a phone call, you had to wait your turn like everyone did. If there was a fire, I guess you just told everyone who happened to be on the phone at the time to get off the phone so you could report it.

I remember back then thinking that everyone in the world used that line. Most everyone in my world actually did. Well, Im all grown up now and my world is alot bigger. However, this internet thing is realitively new to me. To say that Im experiancing a whole new level of culture shock is an understatement.

I love to laugh. Probably because without laughter Im too prone to taking myself too seriously. Ive found that lots of comedians and even writers and poets use humor for the same reason. It helps them from taking themself too seriously also.

Like everything, humor has its limits. I believe that respect is important. I try to give people respect and its what I want in return. Call it the golden rule .You may even say its a religious belief of mine....but I believe that deep down everyone wants to be respected. Maybe that sounds too idealistic but I think its a good way to look at the world.

The trouble is that although everyone wants respect, not everyone knows the best way to go about getting it. That includes me. I hope to keep learning more about that.

When this computer showed up not too long ago, and my wife showed me how to do some things with it....I had no idea....really, I mean I had NO idea....REALLY, I may be a while before the reality of the vastness of the internet really sinks into my thinking....

I see myself as a fighter. Thats how I see myself in a respectful way. I have a great deal of respect for fighters. While my eyes fail me in other ways, Ive always said I could spot a fighter from a mile away. Now that this electronic box (computer) has become a part of my life, Im finding that I have the ability to recognise these kinds of people that I respect, all the way across oceans....even if Im not always sure of the best way to show the respect Id like to.

I guess what I really I want to say is that now that Ive found some people that I respect so much....I am seeing that there is a whole lot more to what Ive been fighting for for so long. Also, there are alot of people who have already paved some roads that will make things better for everyone....some of these things are things that I havent taken into consideration....and consideration is where all respect begins.

It will take me a while to learn how to be more supportive but its important to me and Im the kind of person who will work really hard for things that I think are, thanks....


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