Monday, November 06, 2006


Disconnected? Well am I or arent I? Are you or arent you? Are we all or arent we all? Im listening....

How do we connect.... to ourselves.... to others? Wired or unwired? Is your left brain connected to your right brain? How does that change your connection to others? What about me? Are you sure?

Where did you learn who you are? In school? In society? Whos society? What society? Yours? Mine? Thiers? Surely not ours.

You remember but do you imagine? Do you emote? Is there a connection? Is it appropriate? Does it all happen in coordination? Conceptual relations to what? To yourself? Encode. Decode. Literal. Non-literal. Metaphor? Whats it related to? Are you sure? Are you talking to me? Are you sure? are you listening? To me? What did I say? What did you say? Are you sure? Engage effectively? Define effective? Are you sure? Theory of mind? What is mind? What theories do you store in your mind? Which ones do you create? Are you sure? Define what you think is important? Do you hear what I hear? Is that sound? Which sounds are important? Can you distinguish and seperate them all? What does that say about you and what do you say about that?

Diversity is never what you think when youre not thinking. Its everything you think when you are. Neurodiversity is only what you thought it was back when you were thinking of why you were thinking what you thought you were supposed to think and acceptance is always the result.... until you quit thinking....

Just the facts.... until you emote....then its just about the facts you can remember about what your emotions were supposed to me.

You know that old trees just grow stronger
and old rivers grow wilder every day
old people just grow lonesome
waiting for someone to say
hello in there
John Prine

I just felt the need to say that.


At 4:14 PM , Blogger abfh said...

You're right, everyone is disconnected in a lot more ways than they think they are.

I like that image of strong old trees and wild old rivers... thanks for posting it.


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