Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So autism and neurodiversity and all that....

Poem: by Ed
Title: Noon

Whats noon? Before noon is clearly defined as morning. Afternoon becomes evening without definition.

A clock can define time but time cant define anything but the measurement of what it aspires to be.

The animation of an expression cant be measured but instead it can be defined by the uniqueness of an individual.

The way one describes the collective measurements a clock makes can tell a story or ask a question.

What happened or didnt and who told it or asked it can only describe spin or perception but someones description can be denied by someone elses clock or map as easily as it can be defined by them.

The value of measurement is what measures value like the absolute reflection that defines a house of mirrors.

Slavery to the tools of times measurement will effect how people act but the spaces those tools replace are never far from regaining their role as master over those who have robbed them of what can never be.

The earth will turn to expose itself to the sun and moon but a day wont make a difference unless someone claims that something happened.

Even if you measure time and claim what happened or didnt during that time, its how you express the sequence of expressions you experienced that explores the definition of cause and effect.

An event that is expressed as current is only as relevant as the acceptance of history and the most insignificant people will create the most significant revolutions as time waits for everyone as it stops again and again and forever more....


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