Monday, November 13, 2006


I wish my life had a rewind and delete button. There are plenty of lessons in life that can be learned from mistakes. However, sometimes Im just wondering if they ALL have to be that way.

I guess some lessons are learned better when they are learned the hard way. When I have some pain to relate to the experiance, the lesson does tend to stick with me better. Believe me, I know. Boy oh boy, do I ever know.

You know of all the things that thought I might ever do in my life, I can honestly say I never thought I would do anything like blogging. It does have a practical application in my life. Anyone who participates in the process with me will find out what that is, right along with me. Although its sometimes frustrating, its also exciting.

Ive been thinking of how many of the ways my physical body can be catagorized as a movement disorder or disorderly movement. Certainly some aspects of that kind of thing are uncomfortable and I wish I had better control over siezures and stuff. I guess some, or even all, of that can be considered a neurodiversity. That doesnt mean that Im comfortable with every aspect of who I am and even what I think. Anyone who knows about seizures and movement disorders knows that its never about stagnation or extreme jerks (for lack of better words to describe them) and it always about that at the same time.

When I think of my own physical movement, Im always striving for the ideal balance that creates a more graceful experiance. You know what I mean?

So, when I think about neurodiversity as a movement, I am reminded of the same thing. Stagnation and jerks are couter-productive to a movement just like the management of someones personal body movement. I hope that my thoughts about such things never become to stagnet. Otherwise, I will be more subjected to jerks. Im talking about the external (like people who are best described as jerks) and the internal ones (like the result of my constitution becoming too stagnet).... if you know what I mean.


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