Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All People

Professional athletes make alot of money and neurodiversity is cool....well what were you expecting me to say? I mean, you know? Its like Im charging admission here. If you think Im wasting your time, go to the library or the park or something.

So, some years back the Red Sox threw the world series. Some say that they might not have been as likely to take the money if the team owners and the like werent taking such a big part of the profits from the efforts of the players. In other words they should have been sharing more of the wealth.

So, people who bet on that series lost money because of what they didnt know....and now athletes get paid more. The question I think that is important is whether or not any person should get paid like 20 times (or whatever) more than another person. Even more importantantly, these values of money DO effect how we value a persons life. Thats not an uneducated guess. Actually, I have collected alot of evidence to prove my point....even if I dont know the best way to present that evidence here.

Your right, its a good thing Im not in charge of anything. With my attitude, the U.S. economy would crash tommorow. Since Im not in charge of anything, you can relax. However, based on some of what I understand of the some of the people who are in charge, Im not sure how much any of us can relax about these issues.

Im not advocating for communism. I dont know enough about it. Obviously, it has caused alot of people terrible grief. Some aspects of capitolism have already reached the height of the ideals that were expected when some policies were put in place and some people havent acknowleged that....and they need to....

Hey, relax....I promise, I will never run for any office.

I must admit I once heard some things about marxism that made sense, but you can rest assured that as soon as I tried to voice what I thought I understood, my veiws were completely dismissed because I obviously didnt know enough about that subject to effectively argue my point.

Im not so sure that you should rest too assured about that either. It not so much about marxism or MY particular veiw or understanding....Its more about valuing ANY persons veiw WHOEVER they are or WHATEVER their understanding of a subject is.

You see, I think there are alot of all societies norms that encourage only the most educated voices be allowed to be heard. I think this is dangerous. It too extreme. It divides classes of people and ultimatly endorses a value system about people and their worth. It endorsed the veiw that only the most educated people should talk. Then it raises the question: So, exactly how educated does a person need to be before they say something of value.

This puts too much space between classes of people and ultimately devalues the lower class or the UNeducated class. Who amongst us can truly say that they are educated or uneducated.

First, there is the issue of weather a person is educated in a practical way that helps them adapt to their enviroment. But I think the better question is broader and more complex.

It is expected that a person listen about something until they are educated enough to speak about it. I dont think this is practical for anyone in any situation. If we really want to be a more inclusive society that doesnt make such extreme divisions between people which ultimately creates a class that ends up being very dependent on the educated and wealthy other class, we need to be more observant of accepting people were they are. Then by accepting, encouraging and fostering their ideas and place in society, we not only give them more of a chance....its more than that.... If we show people that they already have value before they become real educated or a professional at something, we not only give more people a chance to get educated and become professional.....I think this creats something even better than that!

I think that when we show more people that they have value, we find more value in diverse expressions that we havent recognised before....But it goes even further than that! When we show this kind of respect for EVERYONE, we find more to value in ourselves by seeing what we see in others....that we otherwise wouldnt....See? People = value. All individual people= value. All peoples expressions have value. I mean, what a wonderful world this could be!

I know. I know. Relax already. I told you I wasnt going to run for any office or anything like that. I mean, hey, at least Im not continuing to quote John Prine.... O.K. one more....

Time was once just a clock to me
and life was just a book a biography
Success was something you just had to be
and I would spend my life unknowingly
John Prine

O. K. now Im done....I think....


At 11:59 AM , Blogger Ed said...

No, I dont think that the U.S. wealth was simply inspired by the opportunity to aquire massive fortunes. Such ideals have inspired lots of greed and insensitivity that has never been productive and I dont think that any ideals that dont support this "so-called freedom" will make people less insprired.
I thinking that inspiration of ALL PEOPLE *AS* PEOPLE, will inspire people in ways that transends the values such as the limited veiw of things being all about the "haves vs. the have-nots."
Such idealism often inspires better solutions but not until people acknowlege that things CAN be done in better ways.

At 12:17 PM , Blogger Ed said...

The idealism that really inspires people is always about how we can show value in everyone.People can motivated by other things but idealism and inspiration are really different than just motivation.Everything and every animal can be motivated by something but idealism and inspiration are the positive attributes that makes us want to be better than we are.Sensitivity to others is about the best we can be.


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