Wednesday, November 22, 2006


How sophiticated is our world today? On a day that has been set aside to remember all that we are grateful for, I want to blog about warning....

I mean how can I be thankful for a warm house unless I remember that there are those without one? How can can I be thankful for having people in my life who love me without remembering those who are neglected and forgotten by so much of society? How can I be grateful for all the hope that I have in my life without remembering those who dont feel as much hope and are conveiniently neglected by an arrogent society that dismisss them as people.... choosing to claim that we have taken more responsiblity for our lives.... rather than looking at how society has been unwilling to make allowences for the less fortunate amongst us?

Are we more sophisticated than Nazi Germany? I mean they didnt drive Hummers or have cell phones or blogs....Would Hitler have had a blog page? Im not so sure he doesnt....or at least someone just like him. But Hitler wouldnt have been made post about hating autism or autistics or put down neurodiversity. I dont even think he would have talked about getting rid of a race of people or even the disabled or those that are considered weak amongst us. At least he wouldnt have started out that way. You see how hatred and discrimination is descibed in society is much more subltle than that. It begins now as it began subtle ways.

Those who are seen as our finest and our best are glorified while the more subtle message is that those who are not as good at these things which we place value on are really less valuable as people. We reward effort that we measure by an ever changing definition of what goals are worthy and how close people are seen to accomplishing those goals.... while the more subtle message is that those who arent on that path or as far down it are weak and lazy.

In 2006, while we have so many modern conveiniences, I think its important to remember that convieniance is also how people become devalued and forgotten. I think its important to remamber where that can lead. What has happened before can happen again....if we are careless, rather than careful....if we take the human experiance too much for granted....which leads to taking the humans that experiance it too much for granted. The joy of gratitude could never afford the conveiniance of forgetting this.
It never could and it cant now either.


At 2:30 PM , Blogger Ed said...

its not the condition, its the path thats dangerous.Otherwise one minotity can be replaced with another.We cant just rise above those in power by identifing ourself as powerful enough to do so.Power is so deceptive.
Not just subtlties of oppression but overt expressions of hatred will be accepted(and ARE)if strength vs. weakness is indentified as the answer to the question.The *real* answer lies in thinking of things based on an entirely different question.
True acceptance of diversity will show respect for expressions that are now seen as not being identified as being powerful at all.Even expressions that are now seen as weak must be valued for true inclusion.... O.K. Im still thinking....

At 6:27 AM , Blogger abfh said...

You're right, Ed. Hitler was very subtle when he was starting his political career. His propaganda was mostly about the glorious German people and their struggle against foreign oppression. Many of his supporters didn't even know what he was planning to do to Jews, the disabled, and his other targets.

We are seeing the same sort of subtle propaganda from the autism charities today. They never talk about eugenics or abortion when they ask for donations for their genetic research; no, they claim that they just want to find a cure for suffering children.

At 7:57 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Thanks ABFH,
You bring up several good points.
Im interested in learning just how subtle the Nazis were in the begining.Also, more importantly, how far have things gone in that direction now (all over the world)and people arent aware of the signs? What you are saying makes me think....
Hitlers struggle (or veiw of the struggle)against forign oppression is key isnt it?
I taped a show the other day on the history channel. Its called: Hitler: Inside Evil. The show descibes how the CIA started doing psychological profiles on world leaders in 1970. Hitler was first. The last words of the show( Ive watched it several times and am taking notes)says that Sadam H. is the most recent.Hmmm....
About genetic research: Is the main stream public being asked to look at genetic research by evaluating the needs of M.J.Fox struggling with Parkinson and stem cell reaserch vs. Radios Rushs veiws? Thats a scary thought.We ALL need to understand better whats at stake here.How does stem cell reserarch factor into eugenics and abortion? It does, doesnt it? I mean how do we treat a fetus and whats the goal?

At 6:42 PM , Blogger Ed said...

Some of what I said in the last comment really is more than I can even comprehend. I really dont know where to start with most of that but I am really interested mainly in what kinds of things are being done in the world today in subtle ways that are similar to what started in Nazi Germany.
In the context of talking about the autism issue, I know that its important to clairify that Im a student with no formal education and not much understanding of the kinds of facts that parents need to know. There are those people who do. Im learning from them too.
I also know there are others like me who often go unrecognised. Being one of these people and knowing what I do about this population is something I feel is important.I feel this is why I should voice some things.
Im just hoping that my veiw of some things has value in *this* context.I will have to continue though to clairify that my veiw is limited to this context. Otherwise I really will get in over my head and people may take my words as educated or something to make decisions about stuff that they shouldnt be listening to me about.Ill never just be a listener. Its not my way.Not anymore anyway.I just have to find my way with how and where to express myself.I hope others can be able to do what I learn how to do.I know theres a place for people like me.Ill figure it out.

At 7:26 PM , Blogger abfh said...

Yes, that's exactly what is happening with genetic research. The public is told that it will be used for gene therapy to cure diseases, but as soon as the genes are identified, it's just another prenatal test.

Here is a link to a news article about eugenic abortion and how common it has become.

At 4:30 PM , Blogger Ed said...

O.K.I get it. And identification for what I want as services may be ideal but they are not practical because identifying me as autistic just furthers the agendas of people who want to prevent more autistics.There never were any real services for autistics. I was identified for indentification and prevention.Thats the point isnt it? So there is nothing practical about identifying autism issues that the diagnosis has helped me clairify about support I need because thats not why they identified me. It was just meant to lure me into becoming identified?
I was never identified as a child or adult that was seen by many as *desirable*. I soooo fortunate that my mother cared and cares. To be married....maybe my gratitude just lessons the hopes of others....thats not what I mean to do....
My mother and my wife have so much invested in me. No matter how much I owe my mother and my wife, I cant live with knowing that Im furthering these peoples agendas in these articles....
I have to have a plan. It cant just serve me or just my mother and my wife. It has to be more than that. It also has to be something that I can comprehend.... that I can plan for and do.
Im just explaining. I know Im not alone.I dont expect answers.I needed to understand better and thats what people are helping me do.I appreciate it.


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