Friday, November 24, 2006

Empathy Divided

So often Im unware of what I see or what it means.
I really would like to be more productive but I probably will be pretty clumbsy about it. I mean as far as my online activity goes.(off line too but this is online)
I guess most people would have some method that people watch or interact with that is either more conventional or at least identifiable.

All I really know how to do is evaluate my conscience and make sure as I can that either Im caring enough or just hope that I can find my way to where I need to focus so that it is the most help to others. For anyone who reads what I write, I talk alot about how my eyes fail me. At the moment Im feeling completely blind. If youre not reading this, then what I say doesnt matter. But, if I dont understand something, I sure dont mind if someone tells me what I missed, who Im not helping, or who I might hurt.

It may be that my heart isnt acting at its best or focusing how it should. HOWEVER, (as is often the case) it may just be a visual problem Im having. Either way I cant afford for it to continue and if I my online activity is going to be worth something, none of us can stay sidetracked by the mistakes we sometimes make. There are too many things that are really important to be sidetracked by trivialities. I mean its not like I can really go somewhere online and ask somebody. It very well be just someting due to my vision....Really.

I hope that I can write things that are helpful to people but I have limited ways of finding things out. If I get off track please assume the best (that its just a visual issue of mine) but either way tell me about. If Im going to be productive online, I want to help people. In the grand scheme of things my visual issues are so trivial and Im feeling so foolish when I dont understand....So if you read this blog and see that I need to understand something, assume that I missed something because I coudnt read well enough. There arent enough people in the world who ARE empathetic for us those of us who are to have our empathy divided over trivial matters. Theres too much important stuff that we could be focusing on. If for now being on line is the best way I can use my time, please help me make it worth something. Ill keep working on it.


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