Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Middle

Yeh, Im going to ramble here....maybe even rant a little....sometimes brief just dont cut it.

Feel free to comment though. I mean sometimes my attention needs something better to focus on. You dont need to be on thread to comment on this blog. Maybe thats because youre less likely to find a thread. "Oh look, Eds going on and on again." It may be amusing but its not necessarily productive....

Where was I???? Oh yeh, the middle. The first time during my life time that there a U.S. president that wasnt....Lets move on....Clinton was consisidered a middle class president (or he was all about helping the middle class). Economic class.... now there is a spectrum that isnt recognising everybody on it!

If I need to claify again (as if its not real obvious), this page is not a place to find out how to help your autistic kid. Join me in learning from those who can help with that. Although Im not a parent Im learning from them. This is a page for thinking and the learning that results from thinking. I think. You think. Thinking is good. Get it?(but theres more too!)

Parents need better ways of evaluating how to help their kids. Some of us adults need to understand some of that stuff better too. Not making supports specific enough about diagnosis, spectrums that are too broad, treatments that are widly accepted and are not at all scrutinized, and worst of all perceptions that are leading to terrible things....EVEN MURDER!!!! nothing could be worse....I want to be encouraging awarness about this and seeking answers....Actually I dont even think that what Im writing here is on a different subject. I just want to add a point. This is the best way I know to do it.

Apathy and cruelty are whats fueling these problems. There is also a population that can never be discussed enough because it is so ignored.

In the town where I live,(in the U.S.) they have no idea how many people live here. Actually since the Katrina storm misplaced so many people the problem has gotten worse. Do you think that these forgotten people feel that any of their interest are being represented by anybody? Where do you think they go for medical care? Many of these kids arent even in schools. Many these parents arent really concerned so much with kids getting over diagnosed or under diagnosed(and they could benefit from diagnosis, if the support were appropriate and available). They would like any ecucational/ vocational/ or medical attention they could get.Some of these parents would like to teach thier kids that they dont have to beg or sometimes steal just to eat. Thats what education and vocation means to them. Some would like to know that they could call 911 about anything. Having something investigated? Forget about it.

Lots of countries dont want to know how many people there are living there. They dont want anyone to know. The people in power dont want the world to know that how they are using that power is part of the problem.

Building multi-million dollar homes puts people to work and stimulates the economy? That doesnt sound like a practical solution to me. Raising taxes lowers incentives? I have a hard time grasping that concept as well.

What about starving people all over the world? Ive just seen too much waste, lack of empathy, and worst of all money spent to HIDE the problem rather than deal with it, to ever believe that there is a lack of resources in the world.

Hiding the problem is what I know best about and thats where my voice has the most value.

I dont have the answers to the worlds problems. I think that everyone should try to make things better for themselves if that will ultimatly help everyone. I dont think that everyones solutions are really empathetic. Thats what Im saying.

Am I suggesting creating less incentives to the rich and giving more to the poor. Id like to find more ways to do that myself. I can see how that wouldnt work long term. However, I think that extremism must be met with balance. I really cant see how people believe that there isnt too much focus on*creating incetives* and not enough empathy and compassion for people who dont have anything. I know I want to do more.

I cant debate my political position. Im really not good at debating anything. While Im really struggling with acceptance that some things need to be debated....I must admit it still seems really superfulous to debate alot of things. Im going to have to work that out for myself.

What does this have to do with autism? Maybe I just want to stay reminded of these things no matter what else my mind is on. I am capable of forgetting these things. Mentally, spiritually, and physically, I cant afford to forget.

Also, (and this is where my real point is) I dont just want to go to work because I dont want to end up back on the streets or institutionalized, though thats part of it. I dont just want to go to work because Im married now and I want to help out more financially, though thats a BIG part of it. The thing is that I have a more important reason.

I know for an absolute fact, beyond any shadow of a doubt, I have lots of written proof of it....the United States is not just having problems with ineffectual programs for helping the disabled. Its not about the lack of funds. Its not all about things getting caught up with beaurocratic red tape. Thats not the problem. Too many people think it is and its not.
I am completly and 100% educated about this issue and I have a responsibility to share what I know. Ill find a way to do it.

The middle may be where the votes are and its better politically than the alternative. However, there is an agenda in place thats *why* I want to understand some stuff better. Me getting to work in the U.S. *AS* a person who is different CAN help others.

I dont understand the agenda yet but I know what I know. I know that what I know is important. For those of you who read my blog, please understand. I am trying to learn. Im sure that the more I learn will help me achieve my goal. But Ive been at this for a long time. Ive made alot of people angry for refusing to shut up about what I know. It means everything to me. It isnt all about me. I have an opportunity to change things but more importantly, I have a responsibility to do so....

Now, where was I.... oh yeh, ramblin, ranting, and nothing brief works too good....Im still there.


At 12:59 PM , Blogger Ed said...

A redistribution of power is typical and addresss the problem based on the terms that are already in place. From a formal educational standpoint my arguments wont hold up. However, what I suggesting inst a redistribution of power at all.Im suggesting that *power*, as it is typically described, *is* the problem. A redistribution will only create more of the same.
While I dont have a clear road map of how things need to change, I am suggesting something more practiacal that it is idealistic. Im suggesting that we begin by exposing the problem.
And NO, the problem has not been exposed in a way that enough people can identify with in order to address it and bring about real change. Thats what Im trying to do.

At 7:32 PM , Blogger Ed said...

I mean how can anyone own or aspire to any condition seen as ideal or stonger than another if to do so comes at the expense of others that dont? This is the debt of the leaders who have set out to suppress those who are inconveinient.No society has ever been able to afford such things.
Its not about what we have the right to do. Its about the conveiniance we have the responsibility to prevent.


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