Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lets Move On!

It took me a while to figure this one out. Im just glad I did. For a long time Ive been reading stuff on the internet that was somewhat uncomfortable for me. Partly because I dont read well but partly because I didnt understand some things that I wanted to. I had to unlearn and relearn some things. Well, there is more of that to do but Ive read enough to understand *some* things anyway.

Ive never been much on blaming people as a way to get them to change or as a way to help them. That never helped me accomplish anything and Im not going to start that now. However, I need to say this. There is no autism epidemic. What is considered disability, is a natural part of life that needs to be respected and it too often is not. Autism is a variation of the human norm and there are many ways to celebrate all things autistic. There are alot of parents that are finding ways to celebrate the lives of their autistic kids and the curbie/epidemic parents can learn alot from them and from autistics too. The epedimic veiw of autism is dangerous and isnt helping anyone. We need to get with it and move on.

I qualify for certain services for lots of reasons( I wont go into them all) and Im going to make the best of that. Im going to get an education and learn to read and write better and help more with my families finances and Im going to find out how to make better use of what Ive got....and autistic people are contributing lots of things that I can learn from. There are things about me being autistic that I can see as strengths and Im married to a lovely wife who likes me being autistic and and is very supportive of me.

No, Im not going to start blaming anyone who is seen by others as lazy or unproductive. There are too many factors to make that kind of judgements about anyone and Ive never seen it help anyone to blame them. I just need to focus on some other things right now.It no longer matters why I have the chance for services that will help me. Im going to use those services to move past what I have a chance to and help others in the process. Stay tuned.

This blog will continue to focus on things that I feel are important to write about. It will also be a place for people to find out more about how people learn in different and unique ways. This will help me get an education and others learn as I do, what works and what doesnt.

So far I have 3 teachers that have commited to helping me with this. One is my mother and another is my sister. They are both school teachers and dont live near me so they will be helping me by commenting on the educational work I do on this blog.

One other person who has commited to helping me with this goal has worked in adult education for 25 years and has recently commited to helping me with this. She is a friend of my mothers that lives near her. I really appreciate her help. She will be helping in the same way.

I hope others will also feel that they can benefit from participating in this. We are really starting to get organised and Im looking forward to it. This is one way I will be using my blogs.

I will also be accessing public services that will help me in person in the town where I live. This blog will record my progress.

Most people at my educational level are kids and I hope that I can learn from parents and educators that have worked with kids as well. Everyone who feels this is productive is encouraged to participate.

This whole autism thing needs to be put in its proper perspective. Im going to work to do that. I want to learn how autistics and others have learned about their strengths. I REALLY hate being stuck and we all need to be moving on.


At 4:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a good start. Let's first start with reading. I'm here to help. MOM

At 4:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a good start. Let's start first with reading. MOM

At 7:17 PM , Blogger Ed said...

Thanks Mom,
Whats first?


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