Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sold on Sunshine

Sunshine encourages so much in our lives. Its hard to imagine life without it.

A day without sunshine is like.... night.

Morning light can remind of us hope. We can begin each new day with the gratitude that we have been given one more opportunity to do what we have known for so long that we should and must do....We may be reminded that the time will come that we dont have one more day....or that someone else that may not have tommorrow needs to hear something from us.

Afternoons are times for reflection. Maybe in the afternoon we will feel less energetic and need to remember that it all doesnt depend on us. There may be times that we need to see what influence our silence has on our environment. It may be a time that we need to be more influenced than influencing. Maybe our energy needs to be restored.

Light can help us see things. But we cant like all that we see. We also cant choose to see everything. There is a danger in that.

Just as there are choices in the natural order of things, human nature is in a constant state of making choices and responding to them. When we are concious of those choices, they can create such exilerating clairity....and clairity is the creation of shadows.

When chasing dreams we may move too quickly past what is important. Subtle movement can sometimes be the force that is making the difference in what we want to influence or how we need to be influenced. We cant encourage diversity without recognising the limitations that need to be placed on how we look at formality.

Shadows are a vital factor in our ability to see.... weather we have our eyes open or not or even if we dont have use of our eyes. Shadows will be created in our very soul. Shadows will be created in our society as we gravitate to the brightest that our limited imagination will allow us to see. Shadows will define our boundries and it is those very boundries that will decide our future. We cant afford to lose site if this.


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