Tuesday, December 05, 2006


There never was time for unplanned moments. They are never stale. Trying to buy, sell, or compare them just robs them of what they are.

When laughter cant be stored and reused, it helps me appreciate my emotions. When greif is fresh it seems like a life sentance. Glad reminds me that there will always be glad times. Why does sad try to steal my hope of knowing that things always change? It doesnt have to be that way.

I love creating tapes that prepare for unexpected spaces. Im allowed to sense those spaces with such clairity of thought. They never demand too much of me and they never betray me.

I cant always afford to trust in what I would most like people to be or that what they will do is always predictable.

Sometimes I would like to know that I will always find good ways to respond to every situation. Eventually I have to trade what Id like to think I know for what I just hope people will understand....and then maybe Ill understand better.

There is something about knowing that everything is going to be O.K. that reminds me that my everything needs to include what wont for what will to have a chance at surviving.

There is always someone who can use my encouragement. There will always be something left for me to be grateful for.There is always something growing and changing that can remind me of whats really important.

Being inspired doesnt require that I see good things happening or even that I know that time hasnt stopped. Too often I depend on being inspired by what I have control over. There is just as much inspiration in being reminded of what I have no control over. I often get a charge out of thinking about all I have the opportunity to do. Today Im comforted by the reminder that its not all up to me.


At 11:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks ed. This made me feel good to see this. I have a son with autism (hi functioning) and I believe he will be capable of feeling these things you have expressed...happiness to you

At 12:27 PM , Blogger abfh said...

Hi Ed. Thanks for your comment on my blog about understanding different circumstances. I'm also learning more about different perspectives by reading your blog, and I believe that it's very important for many people to write about their experiences so that we can all learn more.

And thanks for this post, too! I often worry too much about time and getting things done. I needed this reminder of how much joy there can be in unplanned moments!


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