Saturday, December 09, 2006

Formal Forest

Ice is every bit as deceptive as fire. Both are naturally occuring. Both can alter our environment. Both are a force that can not be denied.

Fires are destructive and snow is pretty ....unless you are cold.... or hungry and fire is what you need to cook with.

Definitions of time and space, like states of human consciousness and behavior, become formal amost as soon as someone finds a way to say what they see.

One cant see the forest for the trees and for another its the other way around. Relativity seems like such a break from conformity when someone finds a way to describe it. But the words they use can also create a conformity of its own. Why is there such comfort in words? It seems to me that more often I need to find comfort in what I cant define and remember that there is beauty in what remains undefinable.

I am drawn to work and formal expressions like a moth is drawn to a flame. The diagnosticians say that my executive functioning is severely deficeited. Sure thats why I love it when I can concentrate on a project or follow a series of thoughts that are acknowleged by others as productive..... but how can someone else claim that my executive functioning is deficeited? I mean, I didnt consult them when the executive was elected and they have no right to evaluate the job performance of something or someone whom they are so poor at identifying.

How can anyone claim that my attention is deficeited when they dont know what Im paying attention to and why that is important to me?

I seek a formal education and a design for a vocation that will allow me to produce what is more valuable to others so that I can contribute more to the lives of people whom I appreciate and want to be appreciated by. However, this will not validate me or my experiance anymore than I (or anyone) can be devalued by the lack of such formality.

The most misinterpreted expressions are those that are considered lazy. No human being on the face of this earth has ever been lazy. If anyone could be correctly defined by such a word, it would be those who conveiniently use the word lazy to dominate people and their expressions that they arent willing to try to understand.

Humanity has not survived by the glory of the strength of its deeds. Instead our only survival is as it has always been, in how we validate the expressions that become discarded as the frailty.... that we see in others and abuse because of how we fear it in ourselves.

Attributing responsibility to individuals has too often been a method that society uses to escape the acknowlegement of the efforts of people. These efforts need to be explored by the comprehensive learning and understanding of an individual. Its not only about who they are and how they are made but how they function best and what they think is important. Given such a comprehensive approach, no one will be found to be lazy. Lazyness is not a part of human nature. The willingness to dimiss others by descibing them as lazy, and promote the glory of ones own efforts too often does seem to come naturally in a very ugly way.

Kindness and compassion can fuel the human heart and make people aware of expressions that even transend verbal expression. To allow ones heart to grow cold can blind people to so many wonderful expressions and freeze and stiffle what they hatefully glare at.


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