Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Can I Say?

I have been writing on this blog in a way that describes me as a learner and a thinker. Im still not convinced that is such a bad approach or how much I can radically change my methods but at the very least I must refine what I do based on what I learn or what my thoughts bring me to believe.

I am really enjoying reading about how parents are looking at their autistic kids and how the way they see them is making is making such a positive influence on the lives of the kids, these families, and ultimately how great it is for the world. Learning about neurodiversity has had such a positive impact on my outlook. Not only does this give me opportunities that I had never dreamed of, but it gives me so much hope for the worlds future.

Listen, being married and having this great computer that my wifes son bought us, has sent my life moving at twice the speed of sound. Add to it that my wife set it up on Roadrunner, and I found out about blogging, autism acceptance, and neurodiversity has....What can I say? Its just great.

Also, there is what I personally know about that is going on that relates to disability rights and how autistics are treated that I have to continue to find ways to deal with. Alot of that has to do with just being patient.

And then, there is what Im learning is going on based on these people with the cure/epidemic veiw of autism that is making me really concerned/angry and I want to help with telling why that is the wrong. Im going to start signing petitions, joining and paticipating in forums (if I can find out how to do that) and just being more supportive to the people whom Ive found to be doing what I need to support. These people need everyones support.

Now, I have never learned in any kind of classroom and its really not practical for me to just read and not start writing until Ive learned enough to participate. I may even serve as an example of what not to do sometimes but the way I know how to deal with that is just be willing to deal with my mistakes. That way I get to also be an example of how a person can change.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was in the 2nd grade and I really just found out what that means very recently. Im my case its really important. I can now find ways to deal with it. If you have never been in a situation where your reading was evaluated so that someone told you how well you understood what you read, you wouldnt know that your method of reading would make such a difference in how well you communicated using the written word.

I have a way of remembering things (although its always very random) that is based on audio exposier rather than visual learning. My speech often seems like there are many pauses in the way I talk. Its more that way when Im stressed but the written word is like a forign language that Im just learning how to speak. This is very encouraging to me. Although it is sometimes embarassing when I try to learn or paticipate by commenting on blogs and I show how Ive missed the point. However now that I know, at least I can move forward and thats great!

And another thing. Since I was very young I wrote my ideas down on paper and sometimes I write and write and write until I can figure out which words to use to say what I really mean. Getting married has meant that sometimes I will talk on the same theme to my wife for days, weeks, and even years, before what Im trying to say makes sense. Even then, unless she stops me and says, "O.K., now I get what you are trying to say." and often repeats back to me what she thinks Im saying in the meantime, we would never communicate at all. It may not be the best way to communicate but its the one we have and we make the best of it. Thats really the only way I know how to blog also, so thats what Ill do.

Now, I dont have kids and a family and I spend most of my time alone. Therefore I dont have much to write about in the family experiences department. I have since, I was very young, listened to issues, scribbled on paper what issues that I felt were important to me meant to me, thought about issues, and revised my veiws about issues. However, Ive never debated my issues. My wife and I have never debated anything. When we met we agreed that the toilet paper roll should be turned so that it pulls over rather than under and everything else has not been important enough to debate. I couldnt do it anyway.( at least not yet)

So why dont I just write about my experiences? I thought that what I just did with this post....What can I say?


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