Saturday, December 16, 2006

Words on Paper

Sometimes words should be ignored, scrutinized, and sometimes they deserve worse. But sometimes words get treated in these ways when they dont deserve this treatment at all. Sometimes expressions that dont have words are also treated unfairly.

You see, when words are offensive, the person using them needs to understand how they are hurting someone. But I find people sometimes dont really evaluate what it is about words and other expressions that makes them uncomfortable. Discomfort can make us think. Discomfort can help us understand what we havent and that requires us to adjust our patterns. This is a necessary discomfort and should not be conveiniently discarded. Certainly people shouldnt be punished for expressions such as these.

I know someone who likes to put words on paper. Hes been this way every since I can remember. Sometimes his words will make sense to someone and they see these words as valid. The thing is though that so much of the time they make people uncomfortable.

Its rare that what he writes is seen as valid or worthy of attention. Maybe he would write like that more often if he knew how. The thing is is that his words are kind of like art that requires a process. Artist that get recognised will work for a long time on the process but they will develop a sense of knowing when their work is finished and a piece is ready for display. He seems to have more trouble knowing when his work on a project is finished because he is less likely to see any work as being complete.

He seems to perseverate with many words and combinations of words.... not recognising the end of his own projects has something to do with how hes wired but how hes wired has taught him to value so many of the expressions of others that are so often discounted.... that hes not so likely to follow as many rules of recognition based on what expressions are seen as valuable and which ones are not yet finished or completed thoughts.... or formal expressions of thought. Well, of course they are not going to change the rules for him. If they did it would not be a matter of course at all. It would be considered breaking the rules.... Rules are important so people are protected from getting hurt, and what hes doing is hurtful because....

Hes been told that writing is a discipline like any other and he must obide by certain rules. Obediance, hes told, must be the master of your thoughts and all thinking must conform to a level of slavery.

Besides if too many expressions were considered valid no one would would know which expressions were worthy of their attention. If everyone were losing focus, too much would be seen until nothing was seen.... What would be the point?

Too much inclusion makes people lazy, right? Inclusion has always needed bounderies. I mean there must be some place where exclusion is needed, right? I mean resourses are limited so what expressions people see as valid must also be limited. I mean what if every body allowed themselves to think and think and think like he did? We would become a society that would never know weather we were coming or going....or starting or stoping....or anything.

Doesnt this guy know that our history books are filled with people who could unite others to a common cause that was worthy of attention. I mean united we stand and divided can only mean that our attention must be divided at best and deficeited at worst. Attention must be be paid not scattered. I mean we as individuals like we as a society only have a limited supply of attention. Therefore we must agree on where our attentions should be focused and that will create the formality that will direct our course to freedom.

With this freedom we will have the right to our expressions. We will have the right to say things in formal ways. We will have the right to focus our attentions and not scatter them about. Our attention deseves such respect, right?

We will have the right to know what we should and shouldnt say or write. We will have the right to know who understands the "real issues" and who doesnt. We will have the right to know what to think and what is the right time to think it and ultimatly we will have the right to know how to express our selves so that our expressions will be seen by more of the majority as being worthy of our attention. This must be the way we declare our independance, right?

I guess this guy will always put words and thoughts on paper and some may even see his words as being the work of a free thinker( that is if his words ever get seen). But how our thoughts and words are governed will be called our government. Expressions that lack the conformity needed to preserve that government will always be seen as a luxury and such luxuries must be hidden, right?


At 8:15 PM , Blogger Ed said...

Well Ed,
Thats all fine and good, but maybe you could keep some of your thoughts to your ya think?


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