Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time to Myself

I could always dream
That I was free
I could sell what I own
And call the rest me

All Id have left
Was how I always begin
Playing the game
That I always win

All that I gave
Taught me to give
Each life I observed
Taught me to live

I invested my self
In what I thought I should
But nothing I had to offer
Could make me more good

I wrote every day
and invested my time
But my stories never end
And my poems never rhyme

No one can tell me
What Im doing wrong
If their answers are too short
And my questions are too long

Borrowed time was my gift
That I called my own
Often forgetting that it
Was only a loan


At 2:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ed, I think this is a good poem. You have a talent with words.

I can't tell you what you're doing wrong, because you I don't think you are doing anything wrong! Just keep on thinking and writing as long as it feels right to you.

At 7:14 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Thanks Sharon,
I continue to appreciate your support.Wrong probably wasnt the best word to use but when Im rhyming Im somewhat limited.
I do feel that way though. Not that Im really wrong but that I dont know how to accomplish my goals with blogging.Its not that I dont have just as clear goals as some others that seem to be more comfortable with what they are doing. I dont even think that its because they have been at it longer.
Actually one thing that I may not be able to express well is that my ideas about the things I write about are things that Ive thought about alot. I havent studied anything in a formal way but much change has occured in civil rights,and disability rights that was never recorded in history books or newspapers.
I have actually learned alot from folk music that rarely gets talked about in the mainstream.

At 7:49 AM , Blogger Ed said...

I dont know why I keep loosing my comments. The last one I had revised and then I lost it.
What I was saying is that folk music has been passed down many times and it is a process (like you wrote about artist wrote about that in a recent post....thats important) Folk art/music gets altered often and it gets said by many different ways. It has always been a significant way for people to communicate informally.Like I said, you dont read alot about the contribution of these folks in history books and newspapers but its very significant and our history has never survived without it. Our future wont either.
I hope that the blogging community and the autistic civil rights advocates dont push so hard for solidarity and formally educated speakers and scientist that too many expressions are seen as insignificant.Rules are important but they can be too limiting as far as expressions go.(hate speech is wrong of course)
I like the way that you write about your family and bring up important issues (like how artist work and other things like that).
Also,I learned to use Firefox to increase the fonts size on pages like you suggested.I can read so much better using that. Thanks. I hope you and your family have a nice Christmas.

At 4:02 AM , Blogger Sharon said...

Thanks Ed.
I had a lovely Christmas day and am looking forward to enjoying the rest of the season and taking it nice and easy!
Your point about folk singers made me think. I like so many kinds of folk music. In fact my blog title, The Voyage, is named after a song and an album by an Irish singer called Christy Moore. Look him up on Youtube, I think you'd like him too!

Hope you and your wife are having a wonderful Christmas.


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