Friday, December 22, 2006

Snow Sounds

Soft snow can be silent
And yet say so much
It can remind me of reality
that I cant really touch

I like how cold it is
and I like how it covers the ground
So I watch it passively
and dont make a sound

It doesnt need to be described
And Im glad I dont need to explain
I cant open the door to joy
And close it when I feel pain

Experiance is as it always was
What I hear and see
It never ends as what I start out
Meaning for it to be

I get to choose at every turn
How I listen to things
And sadness is important
For all the joy it brings

I like to listen to the snow
And never tell what I hear
Even if it makes me sad
Emotions arent what I need to fear

Listening to natures expressions
Takes me places I never plan to go
And the peaceful acceptance of what it is
Allows me to contiue to grow


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