Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday Spirit

Today I'd like to talk about holiday spirit.

Tonight there may be shorter than average people showing up at your front door. They will be expecting candy.

In order to obtain this (what seems to be more of tax that you are expected to pay) their role in this collection drive seems to be to appear humble and cute....and to use an expression that (to me) seems tired and worn out. They seem to use this expression with little or no enthusiasm.... as if they don't even seem to know the meaning of the words they are saying. The expression they use is trick or treat.

How is it that by age 14 these little people are listening to Marilyn Manson and are completly educated in how to dress themselves in classic gothic style but at age 10 they are standing at front doors in plastic costumes based on some Disney characters and wimpering the words trick or treat.

Just once I'd like to see somebody at the door covered with real blood, holding their severed head in their hands, and demanding (in a loud shrill voice and cussing alot), "GIVE ME SUGARY SNACKS OR I"LL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!!!"

It would be even better if they were wearing lots of black leather.... and a pink nail polish would add a nice touch too. Heck, if someone like that showed up at my house on Halloween, I'd give them cash....all I had on me at the time.

Now I don't blame these mild mannered cute little people. They have been trained to act the way they do by parents who dress them this way and then follow along behind them. Sometimes it's their hippie grandparents that go with them. I feel sorry for the little people when I see their grandparents tagging along and they are dressed like Jerry Garcia and Grace Slick....O.K. actually Grace Slick is a good Halloween costume.....and I guess Jerry Garcia isn't so bad either....but as a warlock. NO tie dye and no hemp jewelry.

And to those of you who are giving out treats....remember, sugar and chocolete. Snickers, 3 Musketeers, and Hersey's....but without almonds....and no Mounds. Coconut has nutrients. Halloween has nothing to do with nutrition. Some of these boomers are giving out granola bars and sulphur free papaya spears for crying out loud....STOP IT! It sends the wrong message. Besides, you don't have to deal with them for the next several days while they're hyped up on this junk.

So about autism, diversity, inclusion and all that.... Well, If you've got little people or big people running around your house (some of whom are also kids) remember that they are also people and many will get bigger one day.... So, teach them how to be real and how to have fun.
Happy Halloween! : )

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monsters, Misfits, and Misbehaving

Today I'd like to talk about how society looks at diversity and how our perception effects how we treat people.

Monsters are of course made in laboratories by robotics engineers who make terrible mistakes and we most often see these monsters when our fears are heightened and our imagination is doing us more harm than good.

Too often the term misfit is used among people who could be more specific but aren't.

Certainly there are those who are having more difficulty acquiring accommodations for their differences, and no one who has overcome these obstacles can claim anything but good fortune as long as the majority of the WORLD'S population doesn't have the same opportunities. Elite conformists delight in local (rather than global) comparisons because that encourages internal battles.

For instance, Winston Churchhill and F.D.R. both claimed that charity would weaken us rather than impassion us to do even more for each other, as it actually does. Abraham Maslow also did alot to influence (what we now call) modern psychology to be even more dehumanizing. Maslow did this by assigning a standardized path of hierarchial needs, and a narrow description of the human condition and guidelines for how we should then behave.

Since these men DID INDEED know enough of how their decisions and the ways that they used them to influence people would effect the world, they acted in ways that were at least, irresponsible, narrow minded, and shortsighted. Their leadership led to unreasonable demands. Certainly a different path would have led to something better for everyone.

These are not popular views anywhere. The reason is not because they are not educated views and not because they cannot be backed up. It is instead because they don't follow conventional form. Basically they don't fit.

Bricks in a wall fit. Nature will form minerals in all sorts of different ways. A brick is instead formed by taking minerals that have been made pliable by saturation, conformed into strict standards, exposed to harshly heated environments, and once they meet conventional standardized tests of measurements of size and density, they are seen as being stacked with other bricks to create protection, insulation, etc.

Of course, those that fail at any point during the conforming process are broken, ground down, resaturated, harshly heated, and retested until they are seen as worthy of conventional USE and the treatment that accompanies that evaluation.

The majority of people never speak in terms of "in my opinion" and only a small minority that are geographically hindering the elite get a diagnosis based on how the APPOINTED evaluaters describe their thinking and behavior. ( AUTISM SPECTRUM INDEED!!!! **** **** **** ****) Why should anyone else receive a level of exclusion based on some sort of spectrum? They are geographically excluded and therefore more convenient to ignore.

Western idealist are pacified by funding organizations that go to other parts of the world where they claim to educate people and by doing so these people can become more "sophisticated".

People rarely think of how few westerners even get any formal education. If it were truly important to the elite to educate us:
1) The education budget would reflect that.
2)If we westerners had aspirations of helping the rest of the world to become more "sophisticated" we would spend less money on bombs to kill them with.

The majority of the worlds population reaches "self actualization" without acquiring anything like what westerners consider to be adequate food and shelter.

The claims that anyone has ever rushed toward being seen as poor and down trodden in order to do anything but survive in a world that doesn't accept them, are made by those who don't need to do that.

Our world has nothing more to acquire than the humanity it has traded and sold. Our monsters and our misfits will continue to misbehave until the rest of us get our act together.

Monday, October 15, 2007


When caution creates apathy, besides what it does to others who need your help, it will eat you up inside.

When people are being hurt or insulted, anyone who can help out should do just that.

The insult (that I see leading to extremes of the worst kind) is that of calling people high functioning and low functioning anything.

Because of my experiance and education about this, I not only speak as one of the best athorities on the subject, I speak from the position of KING.

I have been told by several people (not on the internet) that knew that I had a diagnosis of autism and not of Aspergers that because of certain abilities that I have
I should refer to myself as Aspergers anyway because I could pass and that calling myself autistic was putting myself down. **** **** **** ****

What a person calls *themselves* is really not what I'm concerned about. However, we live in a world that is less than ideal. While you personally may be able to seperate how a person functions from what they are worth, you cannot ignore that our less than ideal society is not nearly that sophisticated.

Labeling a person by how fast someone learns a particular thing or weather or not you or anyone else thinks they *can* learn using terms like low OR high functioning (one causes as much trouble as the other).... this will perpetuate the standardized tests, the claim that there is such a thing as normal....and worst of all this WILL carry over into how society judges their worth. How peoples worth is judged WILL descide how they are treated.

If people who make noise and people who run the world can't understand that.... they can all go home and keep their mouth shut and I will do all the noise making and I WILL RUN THE WORLD!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When the Party's Over

What I'm writing here is not really about the end of the world or even a warning about how we all need to be thinking of things in that way. The reason I'm not writing about that is that I think that fear is what the world really needs to be working to avoid. It has and is causing alot of problems.

Although people are not empathetic about it as we should be, most people do know that there are people who are living opulant lifestyles while others go without. I don't think looking at the one extreme being responsible for the other is really as productive as looking at how we can make charges in our attitude that helps more people be provided for. When you are at one end of an extreme, balance seems like an unrealistic goal but undiciplined emotional reactions will cause hatred for what is happening which is often why there is a problem in the first place.

When it comes to including more diverse people and making our planet more accepting of diversity, I don't think that the elite few who are making the big decisions want that at all. I think they are determined to decrease the population and create their view of a smaller better society of people. Less suffering is often masked as a means to this end. Actually this could only lead to an end unto itself because no such ideal is possible and no such cut-off point can ever really be made.

As depessing as this might sound, I'm not meaning it that way at all. What I'm saying is that as much power as these elite few seem to have over the masses, they have that power because of long history of apathetic views and beliefs. Understanding their real objective may make many people feel that the problem is too big for us to solve. Again that is what has caused the problem in the first place.

If enough people believe in and work toward change, the change can occur. Even if it couldn't (which I believe it can) the lack of belief and more apathy will make the problem worse. Coming together and working toward real change is not simply our only hope, it's the the most optimistic way to live.