Saturday, March 17, 2007

Behave or Else

Behave or else what? You will get some bad treatment or you wont get some good treatment? This will train a kid to be prepared for what?

There is a bumper sticker that always catches my attention and makes me think. It says something like "Well behaved women rarely make history." When I think about this, Im reminded that weather behavior is taught in an organized environment like something called therapy and weather it used for autistics or anyone else, the question I have is, "How practical is what it trains kids to do in adult life."

I was trained to do alot of things as a child and I didnt learn it easily. I'll admit that some of what I learned taught me how to learn which was more important than the lesson itself. Also, some things I was taught were things that I would have had to learn eventually anyway. However, alot of it was traumatic that just taught me to live life anticipating trauma and that didnt help at all.

Some of the ways I was taught to behave were not only things that I wouldnt use as an adult. I grew up believing that my behavior was more important than who I was as a person. Also, what learning to behave in certain ways ultimately taught me was completly contary to what promotes the kind of thinking that will make me a happy and productive adult with healthy relationships....Somtimes I think about that.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Whats Missing

The people who are being funded to work to provide services that maximize the potential for autistics seem to be missing an important.... something....what is it?

They seem to be claiming that autism is a neurological difference that needs to be encouraged....even a difference to be celebrated but.... cured if possible....and fixed....whats up with that?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Opinions

Theres a formal education and a more widely accepted education and a realm where thoughts are exchanged that might well fit both descriptions.

You can exchange thoughts, learn to think in different ways, learn a trade, learn to think in tradable ways, or even learn better ways to trade. Many people just learn to that others may follow.... or lead.

Thinking requires abstractions which rely on absolutes. An absolute abstraction will remind you that where ever you go, there you are....which is why you must move with all the energy you can harness....because the earth turning is what creates gravity and the shortest distance between two points is a straight the energy you harness to achieve travel is all that will ground you.

There are basically two groups of people in the world. One group believes that there are two groups of people in the world, and the other group believes there are more.

Of course the chicken came first. Sometimes an egg is just what one scambles and adds to a three course breakfast with toast and bacon. I dont know how a kings horse could help repair a broken egg and kings men may have mixed feeling about the task.

There is no such thing as inconsistancy. All life requires a consistant pattern to exist and all that is dead cannot be evaluated unless it is seen or acknowleged as a life form....which is no longer dead.

Every fighter eventually learns that there is always someone that is better at fighting. Every opinionist eventually learns that their opinions must constantly change and adjust or experiance the destruction of their fragile pride.

Only compassion can create anything. Any belief or opinion that lacks compassion for the things and the people in their lives that really matter are not just destructive. Seen for what they are, they can be used like the final stage of an animals digestive system. Waste that is used to help things grow is not waste at all. If there are those in this world who choose pride over compassion (and there will always be those), use the furtile remains of what is left behind by pride to learn, and teach, and show compassion and experiance growth....Then you will believe in what you think because it is true and others will believe it too. No can truly deny compassion and no one needs to be convinced of it either.... it just is.