Friday, March 16, 2007

Whats Missing

The people who are being funded to work to provide services that maximize the potential for autistics seem to be missing an important.... something....what is it?

They seem to be claiming that autism is a neurological difference that needs to be encouraged....even a difference to be celebrated but.... cured if possible....and fixed....whats up with that?


At 9:48 PM , Blogger Mom Embracing Autism said...

Great question! I find talk of "cures" for autism to be irritating and disrespectful to people with autism. I am so glad that there is the whole neurodiversity movement who is speaking out against this talk of "curing" I think it is so much healthier to approach the differences between autistic and neurotypicals as a difference in learning styles. When I speak of "helping" my autistic son, I am speaking in terms of "how can I help him learn?" not "how can I help him get rid of his autism?"
At the same time, I suppose there are a few ways that I want him to conform, but only to the degree that he needs to in order to be able to communicate and get along in life.


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