Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have often listened to peoples stories and I always try to remember that I really cant say that I may respond differently to the experiances of theirs that they describe. There are too many factors to consider and I could never know enough of them to know how I would respond. I mean, really, Im not them....

I DO think that we as a society have to say what is bad or wrong for one person to do to another and sometimes what has been done is bad enough that the reasons cant matter.... its just wrong.

How I see myself is important. It effects how I see others and how I treat them as well. I may not like how somethings go. I always want to try to respond to people and things that happen in better ways and learn from my mistakes.

Whats important is that I dont hate how I am treated by nature and I dont hate people who do things that hurt me. I know how to be healed from negative emotions that can hurt me and Im wise enough to choose that healing. I dont hate how I was made or who I am. I cant afford to.

Whats mine is mine and I am given choices everyday. For that I am very grateful.


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