Thursday, February 01, 2007

Music to my Ears

When time stood still
And I felt I couldnt move
I experianced graceful motion
In a vision I couldnt prove

When my speach made no sense
And my words didnt mean much
There was meaning I understood
That only I could touch

When I could feel the wind
Of a butterflies wing
The power of a tornado
Seemed unable to lift a thing

I could walk to the bakery
Where I smelled bread two blocks away
But the danger I sensed before me
Might leave me frozen and unable to stray

I knew where I was
I could walk toward the sun
When a dark confusing maze
Might have convinced me to run

I had problems focusing
On one word at a time
But I felt beauty that was mine
And that I had commited no crime

There were threats and noises
That could excite my fears
But I found sounds that I OWNED
That was music to my ears


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