Sunday, January 14, 2007

January is for New Starts

Today Ive made a decision about how I want to use my blog.

When I first started blogging I remember reading a blog post from someone who told what blogging is. They said that blogging was a place for people to give their opinions and get feed back on them. I hated their veiw of blogging then but now what I hate it even more is that I see that there are so many others who feel the same way.

You know what. Blogging is a very new medium and it can (and will) become whatever people make it. In the age that we are living, we need to be very careful with what we do with something as unregulated as blogging. If we dont govern ourselves in ways that make people safe, those who are threatened will choose to be in an environment that is more regulated. In other words. If we dont acknowlege peoples vulnerability, those who truly are vulnerable (for whatever reason) will choose ways to protect themselves that will result in a bigger, stronger, and an even more dangerous government.

I know very well what Im talking about. I have lots of real experiance with it. Im telling you this is dangerous! Trust me, I know.

When I say people who are vulnerable for one reason or another, Im not talking about people who are weak and/or fearful. Some threats people have are very real and people who are dealing with these things is something people to need understand. People need to acknowlege and respect these real threats these people deal with before they make quick, callous judgements about how the person should change to adapt to their environment. Sometimes its just the environment that needs to change (not the person) and if people want fight about something....they should fight to change that. Individuals dont respond to well to judgement anyway. Large networks and governments can absorb critisism from the strength that comes from their support and this is where critisism needs to
be directed. This actally can bring about real change. This actually can be productive.

My wifes son may soon be sent back to Iraq. We dont need any extra drama. If you want to tell me your religious or political veiws, I dont want to hear it. Ill try to tell less of my opinions. People need to fight the decisions that are being made in Washington but if you want to say something to me, just tell me that you are praying for the soldiers that includes my wifes son. Anything else, I really dont want or need to hear. Ill tell you what, with each passing day, (for me) opinions become less important and prayer becomes more important.

In every culture since the begining of time, when people have not had the right to express their veiws, the majority of people who are already disempowered become less empowered. People need to be able to express themself with art, poetry, film, literature, and even blogging. I dont think that our world is becoming more free, I think its becoming less.

Blogging is an opportunity for people to have a voice. That is very important. However, this is the very reason that we need to be responsible with how we use it.

Some people who have been disempowered by not having a voice before are glad to get the opportunity to do so by way of blogging. Unfortunately, since this feeling of freedom is new to them, they are abusing the blogging opportunity and abusing everyones rights by what they feel is their new-found liberation. No one has rights that include anything that extends beyond having compassion for others. Words are very real things. People need to be careful how they use them or all of us will be less free to use our words in the future.

Some of my prayers have been answered lately in a way that is nothing less than miraculous. Ive learned to do things on the computer. I appreciate the help Ive gotten. Im setting up several blogs and begining to join groups. Im getting some programs set up on my computer that allow me to somethings like reading that I wasnt able to do before. Im more sure than ever that I will be able to get a formal education but Im also finding ways that I can really be of help to others as I do this.

This is exciting. I have never felt so empowered. Its a humbling feeling. I must use it wisely.

There are plenty of people who are being responsible with their blogging and the are fighting for good causes. The future of how autistics are seen in the future is something that is very important to my future and everyone elses too. I will support the people I feel are doing this as best I can and I encourage you to also. However, all you will hear from me in the future are positive encouraging statements and that is all Im trying to encourage on my blog(s) and thats really all I want to encourage other to say to me.

I believe that this is what truly empowers people and this belief is well-founded. My goals and path will be much clearer in the future. Im getting some help with this. Im very grateful for that help. Ive needed it for a long time.

The words Im posting here are ones that I feel are very important and I will be posting this entire post again to keep me on track.

I have found some people who have been very encouraging to me in my blogging. You know who you are. I am sincerely grateful. I hope we can continue to encourage each other and find others who are wanting to participate in this as well.


At 6:38 AM , Blogger abfh said...

Best wishes to your wife's son.

And yes, you are right, blogging does not have to be about debate. Many people blog to share their thoughts and experiences in a positive way, rather than to debate political opinions.

At 7:55 AM , Blogger Sharon said...

I hope your wife's son is always safe.
Mostly I blog about family life but sometimes I feel that I cannot morally stay silent on an issue. I worry though about such posts, that I will say the wrong thing and that I might do more harm than good. I admire those who can stand up for justice and rights and who use their blog to further this. I see you as doing this too. You are making it obvious that there is a different way to see and do things from the norm, and that is just as valid.

At 9:52 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Thanks so much for your continued support. I hope you see what Im writing as sharing my experiances in a positive way.
My wife and I had very different political veiws when we met.We never debate anything. In 2004 she voted for a democrat but it wasnt me who changed her mind.
(Actually there is a funny story about that Ill have to tell sometime)
Listen, this is important to me. You know alot about what to say to parents.Youve done alot of that and you know somethings that I want to learn.I really dont want to get into the debates that you do. Im glad you are. I think you and some others are really helping parents but, like you said, we dont all have to get into that. I dont think we all should.I just need to know how to avoid such things.
I want to be careful and learn from you. I dont want to give parents the wrong idea. They shouldnt be taking advice from me on such things.I dont have any.If you would, help me understand how to stay out of the debates. I want to leave that up to you who are experianced and qualified in that area.
Also, there is something about my experiance that is different that I want people to hear. Since youve read alot about me, I think youll understand but Im trying to find out where to draw the line on how much stuff to tell. There is a such thing as too much information. Everyone has to decide for themselves but if you have ideas Id apprecaite them.
Thanks, Ed

Sharon, Im glad to get the opportunity to tell you how much Ive admired your recent blogging.
Two years ago, the agency that works with me asked if there were any books that Id recomended about autism.
At the time I suggested Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures and Uta Frith's Explaining the Inigma. They never bought either.
Someone is coming to work with me again soon. This time their promise will be kept and they wont have to buy a book. #1 suggested reading by me is The Voyage Blog.
You understand some chairacteristics about who your son is and how he learns best that someone working with me needs to understand that will help them understand me better.
Also, if you have any ideas on todays post, Id like to hear it.
Again I published it before I read my comments on this post. Ive got to stop doing that.
Thanks, Ed


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