Thursday, January 18, 2007

She Loves Me

There are a couple of things about how my wife and I met that Ive never written about. Today seems like a good day for that.

The first time my wife and I spoke it was over the phone. All we talked about was nutrition since someone had told her I knew alot about that.

Next, she sent me a gift. It was a 1 oz. tincture of high grade kava. There was no card or letter attached. So....lets see a gift of chocolate means something....What does a gift of kava mean? Now, she did work at an herb shop at the time and she got discounts on such things, but still....Im just glad she didnt work at a pharmacy. Who knows what she might have given me. ( My phone skills are not great anyway and I was a more than a little bit nervous).

The next gift she gave me was when we met for the first time in person. Now, at this point all she knew about me was that I was someone who stayed at home most of the time, I knew something about nutrition, and from the phone conversation we had, she might have gathered that I was a little bit different.

The second gift was a drawing of Albert Einstein that she had bought at a craft fair. On it were written these words, "Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

The gift scared me a little. I mean, did she know something about me that I didnt know she knew? She still says she cant really say why she descided to buy it for me. She says that something just made her think that it would be an appropriate gift for me.

The picture was framed and still hangs on the wall of our home today. It is a constant reminder to me that she knows me and she loves me.


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