Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anna The Cat

Anna is not too complex. Of course I cant be sure what shes thinking but she usually lets me know if she wants something.

The vet said we should feed her the same amount every day at the same time. She gets fed every day at 3:30 pm each day. She begins to sing to me every day at around 2:30 pm. Its not like she has to sing for her super. Still she seems to sing me the same song for me every day. After dinner shes very quiet.

Since my wife and I eat a really heathy diet, she get the best organic food along with a supplement called Greenies.

She get her hair brushed (which she likes) and her teeth brushed (which she is less fond of).

Some cats are aloof but Anna is never that way. I try to find some time to play with her some every day. She actually has one game that is kind of like fetching. She has a stuffed mouse that she will drop in front me if Im at the computer or watching T.V. Once she has droped it she hides behind the furnature, runs after it, drops it in front of me again, and then immediatly hides behind another piece of furnature waiting for me to throw it again. When she gets tired she just stops and chews on it for a while by herself.

Since when we got her, she climbed on me when I was trying to sleep, she gets her own room at night. Each night I convert the bathroom into her room and change it back during the day. In her room she sleeps on a large stack of floor pillows with those fleece mats for cats on top. Her litter box and water are in there and there is a night light in case we need to get use the room during the night.

She is less thas enthusiastic about the occassional trip to the vets office.All in all she seems happy and Im glad to have her around. One thing about her is that she is never shy. Thats a habbit that Im learning from her. I really like the way she handles herself.


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