Saturday, March 17, 2007

Behave or Else

Behave or else what? You will get some bad treatment or you wont get some good treatment? This will train a kid to be prepared for what?

There is a bumper sticker that always catches my attention and makes me think. It says something like "Well behaved women rarely make history." When I think about this, Im reminded that weather behavior is taught in an organized environment like something called therapy and weather it used for autistics or anyone else, the question I have is, "How practical is what it trains kids to do in adult life."

I was trained to do alot of things as a child and I didnt learn it easily. I'll admit that some of what I learned taught me how to learn which was more important than the lesson itself. Also, some things I was taught were things that I would have had to learn eventually anyway. However, alot of it was traumatic that just taught me to live life anticipating trauma and that didnt help at all.

Some of the ways I was taught to behave were not only things that I wouldnt use as an adult. I grew up believing that my behavior was more important than who I was as a person. Also, what learning to behave in certain ways ultimately taught me was completly contary to what promotes the kind of thinking that will make me a happy and productive adult with healthy relationships....Somtimes I think about that.


At 10:00 PM , Blogger Mom Embracing Autism said...

I think these days "good behavior" is often times a euphemism for "conformity" I think there is way too much emphasis placed on this in schools and the result is that children are not encouraged to become independent thinkers. This is one of the reasons I teach my oldest son at home. While I wish that I could teach my autistic son at home, I am much more confident that he will always be an independent thinker because of his autistic nature. The question is, do the schools and those who work with him there respect his differences and his "non-conformity."

At 5:53 AM , Blogger mumkeepingsane said...

Thank you for that post. This is a struggle for me as a parent and I keep reminding myself that I want my son to be happy above all else. Most of his learning right now (age 5) is play and I hope his childhood is fun for him.


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