Monday, October 15, 2007


When caution creates apathy, besides what it does to others who need your help, it will eat you up inside.

When people are being hurt or insulted, anyone who can help out should do just that.

The insult (that I see leading to extremes of the worst kind) is that of calling people high functioning and low functioning anything.

Because of my experiance and education about this, I not only speak as one of the best athorities on the subject, I speak from the position of KING.

I have been told by several people (not on the internet) that knew that I had a diagnosis of autism and not of Aspergers that because of certain abilities that I have
I should refer to myself as Aspergers anyway because I could pass and that calling myself autistic was putting myself down. **** **** **** ****

What a person calls *themselves* is really not what I'm concerned about. However, we live in a world that is less than ideal. While you personally may be able to seperate how a person functions from what they are worth, you cannot ignore that our less than ideal society is not nearly that sophisticated.

Labeling a person by how fast someone learns a particular thing or weather or not you or anyone else thinks they *can* learn using terms like low OR high functioning (one causes as much trouble as the other).... this will perpetuate the standardized tests, the claim that there is such a thing as normal....and worst of all this WILL carry over into how society judges their worth. How peoples worth is judged WILL descide how they are treated.

If people who make noise and people who run the world can't understand that.... they can all go home and keep their mouth shut and I will do all the noise making and I WILL RUN THE WORLD!!!!


At 9:55 PM , Anonymous Correy Lennox said...

DUDE! Exactly!

A few weeks ago a nurse at a hospital asked about my son "how autistic is he" and "what grade level does he function at?" I told her I didn't know how to answer either because they were both bullshit questions.

At 5:38 AM , Blogger Ed said...

"how autistic is he" grrrrrr. **** **** **** ****. Those are bullshit questions. You really answered her like that? Cool! Very cool.
Your son is fortunate to have a parent like you. I'm glad there are parents like you who understand these things. (I really don't want to have to run the world. I just said that. :))

At 8:01 AM , Blogger Casdok said...

Oh would you King Ed!

At 1:57 PM , Blogger Ed said...

Casdok: Oh that I were king.I would tax the royals, provide for the peasants, and have everyone stand on a breezy mountain side and sing, "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony" and we would all drink Coca Cola or something. :)

At 3:16 AM , Blogger Amanda said...

how "high functioning"/low functioning someone is -is merely a matter of opinion- the person asking "how high or low functioning" really wants to know- "how much of a human being do i have to treat them like? do i have to address them, or can i talk like they arent in the room? do i have to consider their feelings? respect them?"
to those who abuse autistics........the labels are used to excuse abuse/experimentation on the low functioning and then dismiss the opinions of the high when they cry foul...
it seems merely a perception...
for those would consider my one son low functioning and my oldest daughter "high" but really he's has better days than her sometimes...

At 9:06 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Good point.

At 2:23 AM , Blogger Casdok said...

King Ed, i would really love your royal insight on my post today. xx

At 5:46 AM , Blogger Ed said...

I will but because I know that you are very concerned for your son you want and need the best ideas for how to help him, I'd like to suggest someone else first.

Andrea from Andreas Buzzing About is usually willing give you her ideas.She is very qualified and very thorogh. I would suggest that you make your request more specific than your blog post.(If that doesn't make sense let me know.)

My guess is from reading Andreas blog for a long time that her ideas would be similar to mine and she could explain it better. She also has much more experiance with many different cases, along with her own personal experiance, and certification for helping people with these issues.Her ideas have helped me and what I would say is based on alot of what I have learned from her.I never ask her questions. I just read her posts.

I never give my veiw on such things but I will if you still need me too.

At 10:12 AM , Blogger Steve D said...

Hi Ed -
As you know, I really like your blog. I want to let you know that Dave Seidel, the new administrator of the Autism Hub, is adding new members. I think you would be a great addition to the Hub. Please contact him directly at

Whether you decide to or not, please keep up the good work blogging - you have an excellent way of putting things, Ed.

At 11:09 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Thanks Steve,
I will contact him and ask. I really appreciate your support and I like your blog alot too.

At 1:43 PM , Anonymous Maddy said...

Welcome to the hub King Ed!

At 2:20 PM , Blogger Sharon said...

Hi Ed

I like your blog so much and I'm really glad you decided to become part of the Autism Hub.

At 7:37 PM , Anonymous Correy Lennox said...


I think that's what's really meant, like how you said: "How much do I have to address him as a human?" or "How much can I talk about him like he's not here?"



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