Thursday, August 16, 2007


Script for "Conformity" video:
The subject of this video is conformity and more specifically how expectations of conformity might impact diverse expressions such as those of an autistic person.

Certainly there are conforming expectations in every society that help to preserve law and order. However, as is often the case when society encounters the diverse expressions of an autistic person, there are expectations of that person to conform that has no other value than creating a temporary and false sense of comfort for others who are more motivated by conformity and are suited for it.

When a group or society demands such a sense of comfort for themselves, the group mentality can lead to unreasonable judgements that lead to unreasonable efforts to support and maintain thier delusions of immunity.

While these delusions may begin by making them feel safe and that their own differences will not be targeted as unacceptable, unless reason, understanding, and a more accepting veiw of diversity is incorperated, everyone will eventually fall prey to these types of demands.

Exclusion, bullying, and negative stereotypes are just the begining of the negative path such conformist's veiws can enable. Eugenics, murders masked as "mercy killings", and even the atrocities commited in Nazi Germany are not beyond the scope of what could happen if the ignorance of discouraging diversity is allowed to flourish.

I accept the responsibility of seeking a peaceful means of interacting with others who veiw the world differently than I. I accept that many who are more typical than I will design places and situations that are not ideal for me but I CAN benifit from them.

I also realize that for me to provide the most to others and to society as a whole, I will need accomidations to help me realize my potential for this. While these needs may be different than others and in some ways I may require more extensive supports, no one is exempt from some of this type of help.

While my acceptance of responsibilities and the adjustments I must make to live in a world that was designed in many ways to accomidate people that are very different than myself may be phrased within a set of seemingly acceptable terms, it may surprise many people to what degree these terms are not accepted by society.

For instance, while competition can bring out the best in people with pure and compassionate motivations, it can corrupt those who confuse winning as an end unto itself, and people with fewer skills in certain areas will be hurt by this veiw.

Contrary to the shortsighted veiws of too many of our blindly ambitous decision makers, accepting diversity requires no expense to the resourses of our time and money.

Insted the opposite is true. Unless the ideals of including diversity becomes our most important goal, every individual expression and ultimately every individual will suffer as a result.


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