Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Liberation Matters

Script for "Liberation Matters" video
I'd like to speak today about liberation matters and how it matters in the lives of individuals as well as the entire collective human race.

Throughout my lifetime I have explored how so many people become inpassioned by thier beliefs only to inprison themselves by loosing sight of what started out mattering to them the most.

All too often people loose sight of thier goals when the very thing that motivates them to liberate themselves and others becomes confusing and thier own expressions begin to sound the same as every other voice they hear.

Freedom creates identity and the will to be free leads to the expressions that remind and teach us who we are. As we learn who we are, our individualism becomes a part of more and more sets and subsets of a growing population. We are exposed to more and more diverse expressions until there are times when we are bound to doubt how important any cause could be.

Certainly I have doubted the sincerity of others but mainly because of my own self-doubt.

Human rights are often described as luxuries by those who have them TO those who don't but we must be vigilant in our fight for the dignity and respect of all people.

The truth is that the people who fight for causes are the only ones who get scrutinised for thier fighting for causes and the only one's who have any critisism to internalize.

While a pure heart may choose any number of worthy causes throughout thier lifetime, and sometimes they wonder if they have thier priorities in order, this doubt they experiance is nothing compared to thier pain from apathy.

Please remember that a person's condition or thier experience will not determine the purity of thier decisions and this will be tested throughout thier lifetime, but the masses of people who choose apathy will always envey and scrutinize those who don't. They will stand as an army against diverse expressions, against minorities, and they will find thier greatest leverage when those who are different and persecuted choose to stand alone.

My veiws have been altered by the way I have seen society treat myself and others with differences. This has changed the way I think and it has and it is continuing to change the way I act.

Being born autistic is not just how I was born, how I was diagnosed, or how I identify myself and diversity is not just a cause I have chosen. My life and who I am is all these things and more.

I do not expect that my fear of scrutiny will ever completly go away and doubt presents me with an ever present threat. My only hope is that more often than not, I make choices based on what I feel is right rather than how I'm afraid I will be judged.


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