Monday, August 13, 2007

How We Function

In this video I'd like to explore how we function as individuals, how we function as a society, and how these two functions are related.

When it comes to individual functioning, society will make judgements on how well we function based on what they choose to believe our goals should be. This is based on a collective mentality that will create standardized measurements of human behavior.

Ideals such as what is decribed as normal are often thoughtlessly enforced as unwritten social laws that serve only to provide comfort for conformist's. These conformist's may begin by creating situations that exclude those who dont follow a path that makes sense to them. However, the problems this creates don't stop there.

Even for those who may choose to be less aware of the consequences of these standardized veiws, they often do make choices that lead down a destructive path. They are also apathetic about change. Often we are unaware of where apathy can lead until our individual set of values and those that become woven into the fabric of our society cause many problems and are harder to change.

There are many things that influence how people within minority cultures make decisions that are not understood by the mainstream. The choices that are just different and do not hurt anyone beyond making them feel fleeting discomfort and false pride do not deserve punishment.

In the case of different neurologies such as what autistic people have, there are many behaviors that may simply seem odd or strange to others. We may also have intense responses and intense expressions based on how our environment effects us.

I am not suggesting that autistics are beyond responsibility. Quite the contrary. I am also not suggesting that any minority that is persecuted can be permitted to hurt others and turning around persecution takes alot of time and effort.

What I am suggesting is that to truly accept autistics, the ways that we think and act differently, AND the adaptations and supports that many of us need, will lead to our opportunity to be responsible.

True responsibility is not given as a burden. Instead it is a human right. When we are treated with respect and dignity.... when we are not selectivly aborted and murdered.... when we are given educational and vocational opportunities that are geared for us and provide for us with more opportunities to contribute to society....THEN society will justifiably give us more responsibility and by doing so create an opportunity for us to become REAL accepted members of society. Then we will be included and resposibility will be our individual burden or our individual liberation just as it is for many others who are better equiped for what society now refers to as a typical environment.

In conclusion, our society and our world works best when individuals and subsets of diverse populations are included for being just who they are.


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