Thursday, September 06, 2007

Worth Striving For

Note: I have not really updated this blog lately as I have been working on making You tube videos, doing school work, and keeping up with my other responsibilities but this blog is also important to me and I will be adding to it again now on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I will begin that right now. :)

Worth Striving For

I often wonder why people make the choices they do about what is worthy of thier time and effort. Everyone has different priorities.

The need to challenge ourself and become a better person does express itself differently in everyone. I can't help thinking that this is not only based on our unique circumstances and our environment but also in how we were designed in different ways.

I would describe myself as noncompetitive but such a description is not easy to explain. So often people reserve the label of noncompetitive to those that are never heard or seen by others. I would say this deserves a better explaination and that there is alot more to this than that veiw describes (or rather the resricted use of that label).

People do strive for different things in different ways. One claim that I continue to make but am never successful in explaining is that no one is lazy.

How each person spends thier time and energy may vary greatly but it is degrading to all humans to claim that anyone could be lazy. This claim leads to all sorts of prejudice and discrimination.

It is worthwhile for me to strive to show how this claim is false and very damaging to our society. I will have to keep working on it but I am sure that it can be explained better.


At 2:30 AM , Blogger Casdok said...

I like the way you explaine things!
Keep up the good works!


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