Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Might Some People Act the Way they Do?

This is a post about why some individuals may act the way they do. Im saying maybe, possibly, a reasonable guess, and some individuals; all in an effort to qualify as someone who can make reasonable guesses within such wide boundaries. As someone who believes very strongly in the things that Im advocating for, Im learning to be more responsible in how I do that....And where am I learning that? From people who are the kind of advocates that I want to become, of course.

Now I never learned much of anything from being blamed. Not that blame doesnt have its place, its just that blame was always taught to me in the context of shame. And shame just teaches me what I cant do. It never does much for helping me understand what I can.

When an autistic kid went to school years ago and was labeled a geek with high intellectual abilities, they may not have had their unconventional behavior seen as simply a neurodiversity that could be accepted and included, just another variation. They may not have even taken a class in neurodiversity.

When an autistic kid went to school years ago and was labeled as mentally retarded, they may not have had a teacher who knew how to encourage confidence and self esteem in them. There may have even been a hierarchy within these classrooms that supported the idea that each kids' worth was directly related to how conventional they acted and how much they achieved scholastically. This may have ultimately created heirachial views in alot of students that in turn lead some of them to view each other based on how conventional they acted or how much they achieved within conventional standards. Many may have been taught to take their place in society.... a society where these values are reinforced again and again.

Some autistics may have even been raised by autistics (who were born neurologically different....that is important to remember when discussing these things in such a context), had been taught to be ashamed of who they were and knew not much more than the kind of teaching that would pass this shame on. Some parents may have been diverse in any number of ways and maybe....

The idea that autistics are the way they are because of refrigerator mothers or fathers doesnt seem like it would ultimately encourage parents.(Its been proven to be wrong.) Then when kids (or adults) are blamed for pathological problems that society treats with dangerous behavioral treatments and drugs....What is solved by that?

If instead autism is seen as being a disease and even an epidemic (which it is neither of) that must be subjected to whatever it takes to get autistics up to speed or to act as conventional as possible at all cost.... and the shame of looking at autism this way ultimately prevents more autistics from being born....what is the ultimate cost to our society that must include diversity to survive?

Responsibility? Im learning alot more about responsiblity these days. Mainly Im learning it on the internet from other responsible autism advocates who also learned alot from other autism advocates that are learning more about responsibility, etc.

To those who I am learning so much from and are so encouraging to me, I sincerely thank you for all that you are doing to encourage and teach us all.


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