Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Worth of Silver

Over the years I have polished a lot of silver. It's not my favorite job. However, I have gotten pretty good at it. Yes, there actually is a technique to it. That really is the point of this post. Being good at polishing silver not only does a better job, but once you know how to do it, the job is actually easier. If you don't already know it, a person can waste a lot of time polishing silver, work really hard at it, and not do it very well at all.

The value of skills must change when someone meets a challenge. Diversity is the biggest expense the world has ever known....and all because people would rather ignore it, change it, fix it, hide it, or hope it goes away. You would be surprised how many people would actually cancel a social event because they can't find a way to deal with their tarnished silver that seems convenient enough to them. Society folk have a pretty high standard when it comes to silver. Ya know it's a good thing that parents don't choose to not take their kids out when they seem tarnished based on ridiculous social standards. That would be awful....

Then again what about that.... The number of things that I see on a daily basis about autism on the internet that is biased and wrong is pretty overwhelming....not to mention often insulting and hurtful. But what do I know? Right?

I mean every autistic is different and views of autism needs to be left to professionals and parents. I mean you can't take the rights of parents away who are the ones who know their kids best. Heck, some people think corporal punishment should be outlawed as though it was actually hitting a more vulnerable person who can't defend themselves....and they want to make such restrictions on parents, why? All because they had a parent who didn't know how to "spank" responsibly. Don't give the government rights that they abuse. I actually agree with not giving rights to the government based on them abusing their privilege to govern and restrict responsibly..... but....

Autistics....Handouts and pity sucks. Not because there aren't resources available but because it's done for convenience sake instead of for the person's sake. We don't need to be given opportunities for things that would level the playing for things that we really aren't good at least not yet.... because what we are good at has not even begun to be explored. We don't need the advantage, or even the benefit of the doubt, when police situations happen when we are present because NOBODY has begun to to even start to prevent us from being attacked for things that everyone knows are benign.

Nothing about us with out us.... you have got to be kidding. I was in D.C. and got close enough to the students at Gallaudet when they were in the midst of their most publicized fight to get a pretty good picture of what was going on. I assure you that they didn't get any of the rights that they deserved in the first place by holding hands and marching on Washington. Deaf people have even been accused of being exclusive....

ND bashing is still encouraged and NT bashing is considered very wrong if not illegal. The deaf community kicked ass for any rights they do have, and its time the autistic population started realizing that we are going to have to start speaking a stronger kind of language that people will listen to.

No we shouldn't be rewarding autistic overcoming or rewarding the experiences of autistics as valiant. However, as much as autistics need to quit selling us out, the rest of you need to quit buying bootleg. Get it?

There are a lot of autistic people who wouldn't dare say what I just said here no matter how much they agree. Gee....I wonder why?:/ Maybe people should start posting comments on blogs as though autistics were reading them because actually a lot of them are. What's your message to them?

Everybody knows that only "good autistics" are accepted and the rest get punished. Right?

I can't wait for somebody to tell me that an aluminum plate and baking soda is the answer to conveniently achieving polished silver.


At 9:20 AM , Blogger Patrick said...

Agreed. Though I am hardly in a position to do much at this time.

Joey's Mom made a good post about equality sunday, but I still see so much conflict among many factions, not just us.

At 8:59 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Hi Patrick,
Well, its good that this subject is being written about more.

At 3:00 PM , Anonymous Sheila said...

Thank you Ed for drawing my attention. It got me to your blog which I can tell has things I need to read, especially to help me tone down my upset towards all the misinformation about those of us on the autism spectrum.

I need to keep the faith that our voice will overpower those who are trying to distort who we are and that we don't need to do it by being mean.

It's a hard balance to achieve between letting people know how we feel and think, but yet to do in a non-destructive manner.


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