Friday, January 04, 2008

Organized Mistakes

There have always been people who did not fit into what is seen as respected soceity for many reasons. Some were less likely to fit in because of physical and mental limitations as they were compared to elite societal standards of what was descibed as natural and normal. Some were just excluded because they were not seen as able to perform what were decided to be marketable skills.

One of the reasons this is important to recognise is that there have always been the majority of the elite society who would describe these people who are excluded in much more conveinient but impractical ways .

Many people who are respected for the wrong reasons misinterpret this problem as being better now due to the efforts made to help the people who were closer to the place of being accepted as "overcomers". While this has in many ways helped some, it has also prevented many efforts to include those who were not so close to this place of societal acceptance.

This misunderstanding of overcoming has hurt the majority of people in many ways. It's MOST debilitating effect is the claim that the decision makers are doing the best they can to help everyone OR even worse that important decisions are being made by a real democracy.

As democracy in the western world (where it has for so long been assumed to exist) is under more attack than ever and the goals of population control are much more effective without the voice of these unheard and ignored majority that is unfortunatly becoming quiter, more of the unrepresented are becoming less hopeful than ever. That's what I'm working to prevent.

The human race cannot withstand this level of oppression and exclusion.

Note: This doesn't need to be seen as a cynical, pessimistic, or overly idealistic at all. It is quite refreshing to see where the real problems are so they can be addressed effectivly.

Most people will naturally gravitate to some kind of organized community effort. Some will be more successful and some will be more effective at reaching their mutual goals.

Those who are less successful at meeting societal expectations that afford them benefits, REALLY DO have alot to offer and:

1) They don't have to be educated in all the formal ways others have been successful at achieving. Actually the opposite is true.

These people have life experiances that have never even been evaluated as to thier worth because their experiances have not been heard. What they have to offer has never been factored into any decisions and that has severely affected them in negative ways. Also ,these people DO make up the majority of the population.

The rest of society has no idea what these people (who have little or no formal education) have to offer ALL of society because their veiws and their life experiences have never been validated as being worthy of having anything to offer anyone.

2) The idea that these people are somehow a necessary exclusion to enable the most privaleged forward thinkers to pull the rest behind has never worked.

Expecting people to reach higher to catch nonexistent windfalls has left good valuable thinkers, workers, etc. being considered lazy, slothful, and even worthless and disposable.

This is the biggest economic mistake our world has ever made. It has also lead to the cruelest exclusionary judgements.

There has never been a middle class in the United States that has been acknowleged or addressed. The claim to the contrary is one of the biggest lies ever told. It has caused some of the biggest problems.

The real middle and lower economic classes are not included in any statistics that validate thier needs and it is society's responsibility to provide them with the voice and the power they have never had. Also, that means alot more than having U.S. democrats driving people to the polls on election day because they can't get there otherwise. I mean really....

I believe stongly that those who have fought for civil rights and disability rights should be honored for their brave and persistant efforts and the benifits that have resulted from those efforts.

At the same time, it must also be understood and dealt with as a more important issue that:

The belief that such rights ARE actually provided for anything other than the minority (in any country) or that the rights of the majority of people are decided in any kind of democratic or fair way is causing the biggest problems.


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