Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Real Solutions for Everyone

Even by today's standards, Sigmund Freud would be classified by wealth, status, and eccentricity rather than having habits that would define him as not acceptable enough to be a worthy member of society. However, the same habits that he had would describe someone else who had them (that didn't have wealth and status) in a way that would never allow them to be honored as eccentric.

There are laws that are determined by nothing more than social status. Whatever is being currently described as social skills is what defines social status. However, there doesn't need to be the focus that there is on the hierarchy and/or status that defines a person's worth. (and NO I don't think that the ideal of unreserved acceptance of human life is either unrealistic or unreasonable.)

It is more important than ever that we find ways that make nonviolent and benevolent behavior free from value judgments.

If you walk around a mall in one direction it is considered exercise and it is encouraged. Skateboarding may not be a crime but if you are going to carry that skateboard under your arm, you had better not let anyone see you walk in more than one direction because pacing is a crime. However, if you can pass as an executive, then you can then be considered to be having valid stress and you are allowed to do what would otherwise be considered pacing for other people.

If I have to go into the bank (because I wear the glasses that I do) it has been required of me that it come up on their computer that I "have autism". Because my behavior may be seen as unacceptable???? Like the kind of stress I get when I walk into a bank where it shows up on the computer that I "have autism''????

I had enough people watching me long before there was anything like "autism awareness". What do you think people are really trying to make people aware of?

Functions are described by what is socially acceptable and seen as worthy of respect. Autistics are divided as Aspies and low functioning because.... Why? Because the goal behind "research" and "awareness" is to provide the "real autistics" with "cures", "appropriate therapy" and to see that they are sent to the appropriate class? Is that class distinctions or classrooms?

Tell me, do you put high functioning Aspies in one "class" because all Aspies are gifted? Do you put all "low functioning" people with "real autism" or "low functioning autism" in another class room because they really can't be taught? What defines class or function and how many class's or functions do you think ought to be recognised as having something to offer society?

If you don't fit into a distinct class that is recognised as being worthy of respect, do you think that a truant officer will come to your home? Where in the world do you think truant officer's exist? Who do you think they serve? Do you think that everyone wants everybody to be educated? What for?

If you think that any behaviors that you or your child has may ever be seen as socially unacceptable just because its different, you might want to focus less on fixing what people arbitrarily decide is uncomfortable and unwanted and start focusing more on the awareness in society that makes society more tolerant and accepting of what they have chosen to dislike and be uncomfortable of.


At 4:46 PM , Blogger Amanda said...

excellent post Ed!
your post brings up so many issues to my mind
the tracking of students (nt and autistic-its not just an autism problem- kids are put into "tracks" in our school system-and each got a different type of education ex. special ed, general,(cant rememeber what level 3 was called gifted and rarely get out of them-funny thing was though it was mostly a segregation of race, social class),double standards
the real problems regarding function/society,
the labels of functioning, aspergers, and what their use is really for...

At 12:43 AM , Blogger laurentius rex said...

What banks object to your glasses, I presume you mean the dark blue ones?

I have never had a bank object to the combination of dark glasses and broad brimmed hat that I customarily wear, however pubs have objected to my hat on the grounds that the security cameras would not recognise me as if a balding pate is somehow more recognisable than my distinctive hat,

Nobody except for drunks ever dares say anything about my glasses. Well I suppose in the UK that would be considered bad manners.

It is probably typical British reticence that allows me to get away with other eccentric behaviours because I don't look rich.

However I take the point you are writing about, that behaviours in one group of people are excused and in another are pathologized.

Reminds me of this

At 6:03 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Hi Amanda,
Yes, those are good examples. The schools seem to define gifted and special education (I never use the term special ed :) ) so strictly that everyone strives for the middle (which as I understood you to say in your recent video) that restricts individual thought.

Hi Larry,
The bank was where my wife and I had an joint checking account. Yes, my dark blue glasses have Irlen lenses. All they had to write in their computer was that I needed to wear the glasses to see.

My balding pate will soon be a way to recognise me without my cap also.

That web site is great.The two lines I liked best were:
I am learning household skills. You hate house work.
I am leaning leisure skills.You have a shirt that says you are a "Couch Potato".

The essay called, "Time to Get Rid of "Special"?" was really good too.
I loved the line, "We need to deny that there is anything "special" about being disabled, so that we can stop getting "special treatment" instead of justice.

At 6:25 AM , Blogger Amanda said...

Excellent site Larry - thanks for the link!


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