Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Master's Rights

When a person gets arrested, the U.S. judicial system requires the police officers to read the assumed offender, his or her rights....and....being willing to demand your nonexistent and/or worthless rights may or may not delay or lessen all the other abuses of rights you are claimed to have but don't.

The assumption of guilt is no longer even claimed to be required of any officer at any time. Marshall Law will not be new in the United States. The news that we have it will just be new to the elite minority that thought somehow they were immune. Some of us grew up knowing this was true.

Besides, we who were excluded for arbitrary reasons, have always been targeted and punished for being different. Everyone else has just been comfortably ignoring what's going on. Now more people are taking a closer look because they are finding out like the rest of us that:

1) Conformists are never satisfied
2) Their conformity has done little more than buy them time at the rest of society's expense.

Assumption of breaking any law is the same as guilt. The only immunity from any type of any official's laws at this point is that the assumed offender may be able to display symbols of their ability and willingness to be taxed. Currency is one of the best and/or most important symbols now but currency and other status symbols will change for the purpose of continuing to make conformity unattainable for anyone at any time.

You have the right to remain silent until or unless someone with a more official title decides that you being silent is an aberrant act.

If you give up that right (or someone makes you give it up), even though you never really had it anyway, what someone with a more official title than you claims you said or did, then becomes the reason for your punishment.

Your individualism, your right to not fight against the injustices of those whom you have allowed to govern your environment at the expense of those who could not afford to display your adornments of temporary immunity, were just incentives to influence you to help carry out the master's diabolical plan. However, now you are becoming less valuable to the master because the master has not been given any real limitations.

I always knew that I was food or bait but now I see that you are too. My advantage is I already know it. Do you?

Now that you are with me, let me tell you what we mean to them. We are all poor, disabled, diverse, criminal ,and without monitary resources. BUT WAIT! THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

We are bigger than the master and together we have an undeniable resource, which is ourselves. If too many of us remain individually divided we will all remain this way and our life on earth will not be good.

Together we can create the liberty in our world that (through this fight) we have gained in our heart. :)


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