Friday, June 20, 2008

Wherever You Go

Sorrow and sympathy are necessary parts of the emotional spectrum. When either of them begin to overwhelm and thereby control too many other aspects of our lives they can become diluted as well as delusional and therefore very harmful.

Charity serves our humanity more than anything. However, how we define what charity is and then how we express that charity to others is what is really important.

So often it seems to me that people begin with the right intentions about how we want to treat people and then somehow we express those intentions in a very different way then we began wanting to. We seem to lose our way.

Some hurting is important and even necessary to everyone but so is denial. We have eyelids for a reason. Since we don't have ear lids, humans have found a variety of ways to adapt by tuning out what we can't deal with or don't want to hear.

It's difficult to say what another person "should" not be in denial of because no one really knows another person's circumstances or where they are in terms of their emotional development. Still there must then be standards of ethical treatment that discourage the ways someone harmfully treats others as a result of that denial in order to protect what for them has become a safe haven. Once people manipulate or otherwise hurt others in order to protect their own thinking that may have just become misdirected at some point, they are then participating in the cycle of abuse that was most likely originally dealt to them.

Sometimes I view someone's artwork and become very saddened and or hurt. I think about the courage that it must take for the artist to experience what they do and then express it in such a bold way. How people express themselves artistically with words or in other ways can make me feel like that also.

Experiencing such a painful zone isn't always a choice, and whether it is or not, I often find that people who can experience what seems to me to be so much of one end of the emotional spectrum can also experience the other end just as richly.

Too much avoidance doesn't allow for either. Being able to courageously enjoy life comes from the progressive understanding of what ones own choices are and realizing why joy is so important. Otherwise, we get stuck in a state of melodrama that never really takes us (in any kind of real sense) where we want to go.

The term neurodiversity to me means encouraging the real and progressive means of looking at and dealing with adversity as well as learning to be accepting of thinking or behaviors that are just different. It's a decision that first comes from understanding your choices and then making the best choices that will help those around you and in turn you yourself to experience life in the best and fullest way.


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